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Explore Routledge Library Editions in Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis and Jungian Psychology

The Routledge Library Editions publishing program reissues previously out of print books from the Routledge archives, bringing past scholarship to a new generation of students and faculty and offering institutions an unparalleled opportunity to build a library according to research interests or student requirements.

Take a look at some of our new and recent Library Editions ...

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Collected Works of Charles Baudouin

Charles Baudouin (1893-1963) was a French psychoanalyst, and a contemporary of Freud, Jung and Adler. Now largely forgotten, Baudouin’s work warrants renewed attention from both psychoanalysts and historians. The Collected Works of Charles Baudouin is an opportunity to revisit some of his finest works.

Group Therapy: A 9-volume set

This set consists of titles originally published between 1972 and 1994. It brings together authors from Europe, the UK and the US, and includes a selected bibliography of group psychotherapy for students and teachers.

Basic Psychoanalytic Concepts: A 4-volume set

This set traces the psychoanalytic concepts evolved by Freud. Each volume takes a single theme in Freud’s thought and gives a concise but exhaustive account of the historical development of the concepts relating to it.

Jung: An 8-volume set

This set demonstrates how Jung’s theories can be applied to many aspects of human experience, as well as assessing the place of Jung in modern thought.

Freud: A 7-volume set

This set takes a multidisciplinary approach to Freud, reflecting an abiding interest in Freud’s theories, and in Freud the man.

Lacan: A 6-volume set

A major influence on French intellectuals in the twentieth century, Jacques Lacan has been referred to as ‘the most controversial psychoanalyst since Freud’. Routledge Library Editions: Lacan examines the influence of Lacan’s theories in a number of disciplines and includes a two-volume annotated bibliography of his works.