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“extremely useful for deepening your understanding of China’s international relations”

Handbook China's International Relations

Claudia Astarita, Associate Researcher at the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC) in Hong Kong, gives her lowdown on Routledge's Handbook of China's International Relations, a groundbreaking publication that analyses how China's foreign policy has changed in recent years and the impact of this on world affairs. Read on for further details of Claudia's review and information on how to order the book.

''Exploring the evolution of China's international relations is not an easy task as it is part of an entire continent that is undergoing changes in its political, strategic, economic and social equilibria. Yet, aware that in a relatively short period of time the analysis of China's foreign policy has moved from being a topic that interests only a small group of scholars to one that is dominating contemporary academic and policy agendas, this handbook edited by Shaun Breslin focuses on China's relations with its surrounding regions and the world. Breslin's book deepens the debate on whether China's rise is inevitably leading the world towards instability and conflict or whether Beijing is conforming to existing international norms and habits and adjusting its behavior and interests to those that the international community expects of a 'responsible great power'.

The book is divided into three parts. The first, 'ideas and interests' section investigates the changes in Beijing's theoretical thinking on international relations.The second part looks at the main issues and concerns driving China's international relations today. This is the most interesting part of the book, particularly when it explains how history is manipulated today to serve China's national and international needs and agendas. With the help of the eleven case studies, the third part explores China's relations with countries and regions. In addition to covering more difficult and multifaceted topics, Gregory J. Moore, Reinhard Drifte, Chen Zhemin and John Armstrong present an interesting summary of the most recent course of Chinese relations with the United States, Japan and Europe, respectively.

The last two chapters covering China's relations with South Asia and Oceania are particularly remarkable. Both contributors, David Scott and Nicholas Thomas, successfully summarize the strategic imperatives the regions represent for China without limiting the emphasis to contemporary developments. It is remarkable that this book is able to cover all countries and regions in which China is either consolidating or modifying its national and international approach.''

If you would like to order a copy of the Routledge Handbook of China's International Relations please contact or visit our website. This title is also available as an eBook.

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