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Featured Book: Routledge Handbook of Urban Ecology

The Routledge Handbook of Urban Ecology, edited by Ian Douglas (University of Manchester), David Goode (University College London), Michael C. Houck (Greenspaces Institute), and Rusong Wang (Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences), contains fifty interdisciplinary contributions from leading academics and practitioners from across the world; these engaging entries provide students and practitioners with the wealth of interdisciplinary information needed to manage the biota and green landscapes in urban areas.

This book analyses biodiversity and complexity and provides the science to guide policy and management to make cities more attractive, more enjoyable, and better for our own health as well as the health of the planet. The Handbook is divided into six parts, dealing with the philosophies, concepts and history of urban ecology; followed by consideration of the biophysical character of the urban environment and the diverse habitats found within it. It then examines human relationships with urban nature, the health, economic and environmental benefits of urban ecology before discussing the methods used in urban ecology and ways of putting the science into practice.

The Handbook offers a state-of the art guide to the science, practice and value of urban ecology.

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