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Featured Review: American Commodities in an Age of Empire

American Commodities in an Age of Empire by Mona Domosh (Dartmouth College,) has been reviewed in the inaugural issue of Interiors: Design, Architecture and Culture.

Domosh's text examines the period between 1870-1910 and the way that American imperialist objectives took shape through the marketing of American consumer products. 

"The publication of American Commodities in an Age of Empire is a welcome addition to the scholarship of late-nineteenth-century commodity cultures. It provides a convincing demonstration of the historical complexity of even the humblest of everyday objects. Domosh’s modifications of our conventional understanding of American narratives of progress, civilization, gender, and race are sophisticated and provocative. The visual materials that she presents are a significant new resource for the intended specialized audience...recommended for all scholars interested in the relationship between factory-made consumer goods, late Victorian-era cultural ideals, and US commercial imperialism." -- Interiors

Mona Domosh is The Joan P. and Edward J. Foley, Jr. Professor of Geography at Dartmouth College.

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