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Featured title from Routledge Revivals: Science and Football

Editor Adrian Lees talks about the reissue of Science and Football which was first published in 1988.

Science and football contains the papers presented at the First World Congress of Science and Football held in Liverpool, UK in 1987.

At that time it was evident that soccer had become a dominant world sport and yet there was no outlet for scientific research into the game. The First World congress was an attempt to address this shortcoming, and in doing so to bring together all major codes of football including Rugby Union, Rugby League, American Football, Gaelic football, Australian Rules football and other minor forms of the code.

The Congress attracted delegates for all continents and from the academic and football worlds. The quantity and quality of the papers presented exceeded the organisers expectations demonstrating that here was a huge demand for this type of outlet.

The papers collated in Science and Football have all been reviewed and edited by at least two experts in the field. Thus, the scientific worth of these papers is very high. Not only do they represent an historical record of research interest in football at that time but also they have informed researchers and practitioners.

They have acted as a catalyst for research into football, have promoted the interaction between researcher and practitioner, and have provided a stimulus for future research. The enduring success of the ‘science and football’ movement is recognized in the subsequent meetings held every 4 years, with the most recent being the 7th Congress held in Nagoya, Japan in 2011.

Science and Football is therefore a unique publication essential for anyone with a scientific interest in football.

Science and Football publishes on the 29th November order your copy today!

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