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Forthcoming Reissues: Women, Crime and Criminology and The Ties That Bind

Routledge Reference are delighted to announce the reissue of two new titles on their Routledge Revivals program. Women, Crime and Criminology and The Ties That Bind, both authored by Carol Smart - Professor at the University of Manchester, and co-director of the Morgan Centre for the Study of Relationships and Personal Life - will publish in August and September of this year.

First published in 1977, Women, Crime and Criminology presents a feminist critique of classical and contemporary theories of female criminality, while The Ties that Bind, published initially in 1984, makes an important and timely contribution to the development of the idea that the law is a major source of women’s oppression. Read below for further information on each individual title:

Women, Crime & Criminology
When first published in 1976, Women, Crime & Criminology was a bold feminist intervention into the field of criminology. The book’s main purpose was to critique the paternalistic and patriarchal thinking that dominated the field at that time. Smart’s critique of classical criminology is vigorous and challenging, but she also exposes the problematic treatment of women in the criminal justice system as both offenders and as victims of crime. Women, Crime & Criminology was part of a new wave of feminist sociology and criminology which gathered pace in the 1970s and 1980s, and it remains an important contribution to the history of feminist scholarship in the UK.

For a detailed contents listing, or to order a copy of Women, Crime and Criminology, click here.

The Ties That Bind
The Ties That Bind was originally published in 1984 and was one of the earliest Second Wave feminist analyses of the workings of family law in England. Smart was one of the pioneers of feminist socio-legal studies in the early 1980s and this book provides a comprehensive, but accessible, discussion of the ways in which family law in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s shaped and impacted (negatively) on the lives of women. Although many laws have been reformed since 1984 The Ties That Bind offers a scholarly analysis of legal thinking as it affected the private sphere of family life. The book concludes with a discussion of how a feminist perspective could reform family law.

For a detailed contents listing, or to order a copy of The Ties That Bind, click here.

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