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Go Green with Routledge eBooks!

Did you know that Routledge offers books in earth-friendly electronic editions? Many of our titles are also available to course instructors as complimentary e-inspection copies. Click here to find out more!

eInspections – Save Time & The Environment!

We can now offer many of our books for examination online. If you would like to inspect our books via this innovative, student-friendly format, simply select this option in the complimentary exam copy request form, give your full course details and, upon authorization, you will be able to view the book from any PC with Internet access. Furthermore, you will be able to annotate and highlight parts of the book, and share the online edition with your colleagues.

If the book is recommended to your students according to the terms, you may choose to be sent a gratis print copy or to have permanent access to the online edition. With our new online examination service you can review our texts more quickly and easily, meaning you have more time to make the appropriate decision for your students’ needs.

eBooks – For Individuals and Institutions!

The Taylor & Francis eBookstore features a vast collection of titles that you can download in the current popular formats. For libraries, our institutional eBook deals offer flexibility, with a range of subject collections, the option to 'pick and mix' packages, and the ability to subscribe or purchase outright.

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  1. The Palaeolithic Origins of Human Burial

    By Paul Pettitt

    Humans are unique in that they expend considerable effort and ingenuity in disposing of the dead. Some of the recognisable ways we do this are visible in the Palaeolithic archaeology of the Ice Age. The Palaeolithic Origins of Human Burial takes a novel approach to the long-term development of...

    Published October 13th 2010 by Routledge

  2. Material Connections in the Ancient Mediterranean

    Mobility, Materiality and Identity

    Edited by Peter van Dommelen, A. Bernard Knapp

    Material Connections eschews outdated theory, tainted by colonialist attitudes, and develops a new cultural and historical understanding of how factors such as mobility, materiality, conflict and co-presence impacted on the formation of identity in the ancient Mediterranean. Fighting against ‘...

    Published September 23rd 2010 by Routledge