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Great Reviews for Anarchism and Sexuality

Anarchism & Sexuality

Anarchism and Sexuality edited by Jamie Heckert and Richard Cleminson brings fresh anarchist perspectives to debates around sexuality; makes a queer and feminist intervention within the most recent wave of anarchist scholarship; and is a queerly anarchist contribution to social justice literature, policy and practice. Since it published in April, the book has attracted considerable academic acclaim.

'I feel in reading some of these pieces that the participants have invested a lot of themselves in their contributions. There is an immediacy and liveliness in a lot of these pages. The personal investment on the part of the authors helps make it so that there is much to relate to in Anarchism and Sexuality, on both an intellectual level and an emotional level.' Michael Larson, M.A. Instructor at Point Park University, Pittsburgh. You can read the rest of Michael's review here.

The book has also drawn high praise from other quarters:

'This is the book I have been waiting for—the book I want to give my students, share with friends, and draw from in my own work. It makes me grateful for my training in feminist theory, and ever more committed to using anarchy as a basis for sexual politics. Further, with many entry points and many uses across fields—particularly sexuality studies, gender studies, psychology, sociology, queer studies, and cultural studies—it speaks to the problems circulating now within those discourses.' Breanne Fahs, Ph.D., Arizona State University

You can take an online preview of a book that is surely set to become a classic text in the field today.

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