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  1. Attachment Theory in Adult Mental Health

    In the fifty years since its inception, John Bowlby’s attachment theory has been powerfully influential on developmental psychology and, more recently, mental health. Bringing together the experience of a diverse range of mental health practitioners and researchers who routinely use attachment theory in their own work, Attachment Theory in Adult Mental Health provides a guide to using attachment theory in everyday practice.

  2. Do you know about our paperbacks direct program?

    This initiative provides the opportunity to buy topical books that represent the best of our cutting-edge hardback publishing in a paperback format and price.

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  3. Sport, Fun and Enjoyment

    How much fun do we get from sport?

    Sport, Fun and Enjoyment
    An Embodied Approach
    By Ian Wellard

    Sport, Fun and Enjoyment explores the pleasurable aspects of sport within the context of everyday recreational and competitive physical activities.

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  4. NEW Geography Research and Reference Online Catalog

    Our Geography Research and Reference online catalog has just gone live.

    The catalog features our new titles, as well as our bestselling backlist collections of relevant and popular works. You will find whatever you need to further your own research or professional interests, challenge and support your students, or to provide essential reference materials for your institutional library.

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  5. Qualitative Research Methods in Sport, Exercise and Health

    NEW TITLE-Qualitative Research Methods in Sport, Exercise and Health

    Qualitative Research Methods in Sport, Exercise and Health
    From Process to Product
    By Andrew C. Sparkes, Brett Smith

    The perfect text to guide students through qualitative approaches in Sport Excercise and Health

  6. So why do people participate in festivals and events?

    Our latest monograph Event Audiences and Expectations by Jo Mackellar examines why people participate in festivals and events, the types of events which stimulate participation, and the fanatical antics of fans who become involved in these events. By doing so the book offers significant insight into how event managers can entice and manage participant expectations as well as manage audience involvement.

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  7. Bali Tourism

    Always wanted to go to Bali?

    Bali Tourism
    By Arthur Asa Berger

    Bali Tourism is an ideal book to read before visiting Bali yourself—or recommending/planning a trip for others. The fresh insights it presents will help make any trip to the region more rewarding for the traveler. It is also a unique scholarly resource, complete with informative tables, references, and a bibliography, for academics and students at all levels of tourism studies.

  8. New Titles in the World Library of Educationalists Series

    The World Library of Educationalists series celebrates the important contributions to education made by leading experts in their individual fields of study. Each scholar has compiled a career-long collection of what they consider to be their finest pieces: extracts from books, journals, articles, major theoretical and practical contributions, and salient research findings.

    New contributors to this series include Mary E. James, Bob Lingard, and Kenneth S. Goodman and Yetta M. Goodman.

  9. Interpersonal Relationships

    With a more specific focus than the all-encompassing textbook, each title in the Foundations of Psychology series enables students who are new to psychology to get to grips with a key area of psychological research, while also developing an understanding of basic concepts, debates, and research methodologies. In this book Diana Jackson-Dwyer presents an introductory survey of classic and recent research on relationships and the theories that underpin them.

  10. Managing Airports, 4th Edition

    Just Published -Managing Airports,4th Edition

    Managing Airports 4th Edition
    An international perspective
    By Anne Graham

    This 4th edition has been fully revised and updated to reflect the many important developments in the management of airports and issues facing the aviation industry since the 3rd edition.

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