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  1. Sustainable Development

    Has sustainable development run its course? What should we do about it? Read what Peter Bartlemus, author of Sustainability Economics, has to say about it.

  2. conducting terrorism field research

    New Titles from Routledge Military, Strategic and Security Studies

    View our recent and upcoming textbooks, handbooks and supplementary titles published in the area of Military, Strategic and Security Studies below, including the Routledge Handbook of Terrorism Research, which is now available in paperback. Follow the links to read more, and request a complimentary exam copy where available.

  3. Philip Haynes on Quantitative Easing

    Philip Haynes recently submitted evidence to the Treasury Select Committee on Quantitative Easing. Why not take a look?

  4. Will the Italian election be decided abroad once again?

    Jean-Michel Lafleur's new book, Transnational Politics and the State, examines the motivations and consequences for states that enfranchise citizens abroad. View the Press Release here.

  5. Publishing in October

    A selection of great titles publishing in October.

  6. Your Dieting Daughter

    Your Dieting Daughter is a must read for anyone wanting to help contribute to a young woman’s development of a healthy self and body esteem, whether she is 13 or 30. Costin has updated the first edition of this book to reflect her 15 additional years of expertise on dealing with the tricky issues of body image, food, and weight in a culture that places an unhealthy emphasis on being thin. From aiding a young girl to lose weight for health reasons; to encouraging a young woman to accept her natural body size; to helping detect, prevent, and understand eating disorders, this second edition is full of practical and invaluable information. 

  7. New Tim Ingold: Making - Anthropology, Archaeology, Art and Architecture

    The latest book from renowned anthropologist Tim Ingold takes a profound new approach to the study of four related disciplines and seeks to tie them together. Ingold considers anthropology, archaeology, art and architecture as ways of making, involving the creation of knowledge, the building of environments and the transformation of lives.

    If you are an instructor and wish to inspect a copy for use on your course, please follow this link.

  8. Anxiety Disorders

    Anxiety Disorders: A Guide for Integrating Psychopharmacology and Psychotherapy is a comprehensive reference for the psychology and psychiatry student, intern, or resident, early career psychologist or psychiatrist, and the busy clinician. It distills the most important information regarding combined treatments for anxiety and presents the material in an easily accessible, understandable, and readable format. 

  9. Top Textbook: Improving Computer Science Education

    Improving Computer Science Education
    By Djordje M. Kadijevich, Charoula Angeli, Carsten Schulte

    Published February 14th 2013 by Routledge – 156 pages 

    Complimentary Exam Copy 

    Improving Computer Science Education examines suitable theoretical frameworks for conceptualizing teaching and learning computer science. This highly useful book provides numerous examples of practical, "real world" applications of major computer science information topics, such as Spreadsheets, Databases and Programming.

  10. davidrock

    Routledge Education Author of the Month, February:  David Rock

    Dr. David Rock is currently Dean of the School of Education at the University of Mississippi. He was named the Outstanding Alumni of the Decade 1990 – 1999 from the College of Education at University of Central Florida, College of Education and received the 2012 Professional Achievement Award from The University of Central Florida’s College of Education last year.

    The fourth edition of Dr. Rock's Teaching Secondary Mathematics is publishing this month. Solidly grounded in up-to-date research, theory and technology, Teaching Secondary Mathematics is a practical, student-friendly, and popular text for secondary mathematics methods courses. It provides clear and useful approaches for mathematics teachers, and shows how concepts typically found in a secondary mathematics curriculum can be taught in a positive and encouraging way.

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