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  1. Economic Development and Political Action in the Arab World

    By M.A. Mohamed Salih

    Analysis of North African revolt against authoritarianism, known as the ‘Arab Spring’, embraced reductionist explanations such as the social media, youth unemployment and citizens’ agitations to regain dignity in societies humiliated by oppressive regimes. This book illustrates that reductionist approaches can only elucidate some symptoms of a social problem while leaving unexplained the economic and political structures which contributed to it... Read more...

  2. The Geography of the World Economy, 6th Edition

    By Paul Knox, John Agnew and Linda Mccarthy

    The Geography of the World Economy provides an in-depth and stimulating introduction to the globalization of the world economy. The book offers a consideration of local, regional, national and global economic development over the long historical term. The theory and practice of economic and political geography provide a basis for understanding the interactions within and among the developed and developing countries of the world... Read more...

  3. Participatory Action Research

    Theory and Methods for Engaged Inquiry
    By Jacques M. Chevalier and Daniel J. Buckles

    This book addresses a key issue in higher learning, university education and scientific research: the widespread difficulty researchers, experts and students from all disciplines face when trying to contribute to change in complex social settings characterized by uncertainty and the unknown. More than ever, researchers need flexible means and grounded theory to combine people-based and evidence-based inquiry into challenging situations that keep evolving and do not lend themselves to straightforward technical explanations and solutions... Read more...

  4. Crime, Community and Morality

    By Simon Green

    Navigating between criminological concerns about control and governance and social theories about culture and identity, this book explores what is meant by crime, community and morality and puts this meaning to the test. Discussion of a new theory of rule-breaking, combined with an analysis of how our justice system is becoming maladapted, makes this essential reading for criminologists around the globe, as well as those general readers interested in the causes of crime... Read more...

  5. Corpus Stylistics

    Corpus Linguistics research titles now available in paperback

    A selection of titles in the Routledge Advances in Corpus Linguistics series are now available in paperback, all for under $50.

    Learn more about these titles.

  6. Crime, Justice and the Media

    2nd Edition
    By Ian Marsh and Gaynor Melville

    Crime, Justice and the Media examines and analyses the relationship between the media and crime, criminals and the criminal justice system. This expanded and fully updated second edition considers how crime and criminals have been portrayed by the media through history, applying different theoretical perspectives to the way crime, criminals and justice are reported... Read more...

  7. Author Event - Kimberly Jade Norwood

    On March 27th, Subterranean Books in St. Louis will be hosting a book signing and discussion for Kimberly Jade Nordwood’s latest title, Color Matters.

    If you will be in the area, be sure to stop by for an informative discussion on the most up-to-date research on skin tone bias and colorism in today's society. 

    Click here for more information on the event.

  8. Shades of Deviance

    A Primer on Crime, Deviance and Social Harm
    Edited by Rowland Atkinson

    Written in a unique format, Shades of Deviance is a turbo-driven guide to crime and deviance, offering 56 politically engaged, thought-provoking and accessibly written accounts of a wide range of socially and legally prohibited acts. This book will be essential reading for undergraduate students in the fields of criminology and sociology and those preparing to embark on degree courses in these fields, as well as general readers... Read more...

  9. Rowland Atkinson

    Author Interview with Rowland Atkinson

    Rowland Atkinson has answered a few questions for us about his eagerly awaited new book Shades of Deviance: A Primer on Crime, Deviance and Social Harm, which published earlier this year. Find out how the idea for the book emerged, what sets it apart, and learn more about the emerging trends in the study of deviance. Read the full interview here.

  10. Julia Rothenberg

    Author Interview with Julia Rothenberg

    Julia Rothenberg has recently answered a few questions for us about her new book, Sociology Looks at the Arts. Learn about Julia's interest in the subject area, and how the book will help her students with examining the relationship between art and society. Read the full interview here.

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