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Recent Articles

  1. New Titles from the Thinking in Action Series

    Thinking in Action is a series that takes philosophy to its public. Each book is written by a major philosopher or thinker, covers an important contemporary topic, and is clear and accessible. New titles include On Loyalty and On Humanism, 2nd Edition.

  2. Now Available! The Routledge Companion to Social and Political Philosophy

    The Routledge Companion to Social and Political Philosophy is an up-to-date survey of the field, charting its history and key figures and movements, and addressing enduring questions as well as contemporary research.  Comprised of 69 newly commissioned essays by leading scholars from throughout the world, The Routledge Companion to Social and Political Philosophy is the most comprehensive and authoritative resource in social and political philosophy for students and scholars.

  3. Coming Soon - What is this thing called Philosophy of Language?

    What is this thing called Philosophy of Language? is an indispensable introduction to those teaching philosophy of language and will be particularly useful for those coming to the subject for the first time.

  4. Now Published - Debates in Modern Philosophy: Essential Readings and Contemporary Responses

    This book provides an in-depth, engaging introduction to important issues in modern philosophy. It presents 13 key interpretive debates to students, and ranges in coverage from Descartes' Meditations to Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. Debates in Modern Philosophy will help students evaluate different interpretations of key texts from modern philosophy, and provide a model for constructing their own positions in these debates.

  5. What does Chávez’s re-election mean for the future of US-Venezuelan relations?

    In this weekend’s presidential election in Venezuela, incumbent Hugo Chávez beat challenger Henrique Capriles to win another term as President. U.S.-Venezuela Relations since the 1990s examines contemporary issues in relations between the two countries, and is particularly significant given this development.

  6. Black History Month

    In recognition of Black History Month we have collected together a selection of our new and key titles on the subject of Black history, politics, representation, civil rights and more. We have also assembled a collection of free journal article access* for you to browse.

    Click here to view the books.

  7. Constantine and the Christian Empire

    Constantine and the Christian Empire 2nd Edition by Charles Odahl is a timely publication, as 2012 sees the 1700th hundred anniversary of Constantine’s conversion to Christianity and the Battle of Milvian Bridge Click here to read more.

  8. Publishing in November

    A selection of great titles publishing in November.

  9. 5 minutes with Tom Turner ( October 2012)

    Tom Turner is an English landscape architect, garden designer and garden historian teaching at the University of Greenwich in London. He is the author of books and articles on landscape and gardens and is the editor of the Garden History Reference Encyclopedia CD and the online Gardens Guide. Educated at the Universities of St Andrews and Edinburgh, he studied landscape architecture under Frank Clarke. His latest book British Gardens is out in April 2013

  10. Re-reading Foucault

    New Research Books Publishing in October

    October has a number of high-quality research books publishing across various aspects of legal study. Ben Golder edits Re-reading Foucault: On Law, Power and Rights, an in-depth analysis of Foucault's work as it pertains to a range of different legal themes. In The Concept of Injustice Eric Heinze challenges traditional western justice theory to argue that justice is not always the cure for injustice, and is oftentimes its cause. European Perspectives on Environmental Law and Governance edited by Suzanne Kingston provides a range of perspectives on some of the most pressing contemporary challenges in EU environmental law and governance. Read on for details of all of our research and scholarly books publishing in October. 

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