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Recent Articles

  1. Dynamics of Change in the Persian Gulf

    Author of the Month: Anoush Ehteshami

    Widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts on the international relations of the Middle East, Professor Anoush Ehteshami talks to us about why he became interested in International Relations, what he thinks about the future of the Persian Gulf and why we should all buy a copy of his latest book, Dynamics of Change in the Persian Gulf!

    To receive a 20% discount on your copy of Dynamics of Change in the Persian Gulf, simply enter the code GDC71 when you check out.

  2. Young People and the Care Experience: Research, Policy and Practice

    The care system looks after the most vulnerable young people in society – those who are, for a variety of reasons, unable to live with their parents. Young People and the Care Experience examines what can be done to support young people to remain at home, and if this is not possible, how they can be supported whilst in care and on leaving care.

  3. Check Out Our Psychology Revivals 2013 Online Catalog

    We have put together this online catalog filled with Psychology Revivals published by Psychology Press and Routledge.

  4. Social Justice and Poverty & Education

  5. Living with the Bomb reissues as part of our new Psychology Revivals series

    This year, the Routledge Revivals publishing program sees the start of a brand new series - Psychology Revivals. All the titles in this series are reissued titles from across the last 120 years, with titles ranging from Adler's The Science of Living to key texts on the subject of psychiatry.

  6. Green Organizations: Driving Change with I-O Psychology

    This book is a landmark in showing how industrial-organizational psychology and related fields contribute to environmental sustainability in organizations. Industrial-organizational psychology embraces a scientist/practitioner model: evidence-based best practice to solve real-world issues.

  7. New Books in April 2013!

    Read on to browse our new books publishing in April!

  8. Promoting Nonprofit Organizations

    “A major PR challenge for nonprofit organizations is to think in reputation management terms. Not-for-profit entities cannot take their reputation for granted,” warns Ruth Kinzey in Promoting Nonprofit Organizations.

    Read more from Ruth Kinzey in an interview about her book here.

  9. Christopher Bollas interviewed about new book ‘Catch Them Before They Fall’

    What if analysts took steps to keep their analysands out of the hospital when they were beginning to breakdown? What would that look like? In Catch Them Before They Fall: The Psychoanalysis of Breakdown, the eminent psychoanalyst Christopher Bollas, walks us through that process.

    To listen to the interview, check out the New Books in Psychoanalysis podcast here.  

  10. Highlights for March from Routledge Property and Real Estate

    With so many great titles publishing during March it is impossible to pick out one favorite so we have listed them all below.
    For a full list of new and key backlist titles click here to go to the latest property catalog.

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