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  1. Interpersonal Relationships

    With a more specific focus than the all-encompassing textbook, each title in the Foundations of Psychology series enables students who are new to psychology to get to grips with a key area of psychological research, while also developing an understanding of basic concepts, debates, and research methodologies. In this book Diana Jackson-Dwyer presents an introductory survey of classic and recent research on relationships and the theories that underpin them.

  2. Managing Airports, 4th Edition

    Just Published -Managing Airports,4th Edition

    Managing Airports 4th Edition
    An international perspective
    By Anne Graham

    This 4th edition has been fully revised and updated to reflect the many important developments in the management of airports and issues facing the aviation industry since the 3rd edition.

    Click on the page to view the lastest features of the 4th edition.

  3. The Psychology of Music and The Art of the Score

    Siu-Lan Tan, co-author of The Psychology of Music: From Sound to Significance, blogs as part of the World Festival of Science's sold-out 'Art of the Score' event.

    Click on the headline to find your discount code for 20% off the purchase price of The Psychology of Music: From Sound to Significance.

  4. cover image for gender and public relations

    Interview with the editors of Gender and Public Relations

    We asked Gender and Public Relations editors Christine Daymon and Kristin Demetrious why they brought this collection together, and discusssed key ideas about gender in PR. Read what they had to say.

  5. Macao – Cultural Interaction and Literary Representations

    Author of the Month: C.X. George Wei explains why Macao’s peaceful history is particularly unique

    George Wei, editor of three books out this Autumn (Macao – The Formation of a Global City, Macao – Cultural Interaction and Literary Representations and China: How The Empire Fell) is October's Author of the Month. In this exclusive interview he talks about the effect of Macao's turnover to mainland China in 1999, the rise of the casino and his plans for the future.


  6. Economic Incentives for Marine and Coastal Conservation

    This book shows how economic instruments can be used to incentivize the conservation of marine and coastal resources. It is shown that traditional approaches to halt the decline focus on regulating against destructive practices, but to little effect. A more successful strategy could be to establish schemes such as payments for ecosystem services (PES), or incorporate an element of financial incentives into existing regulatory mechanisms. Examples, both terrestrial and marine, from across the world suggest that PES can work to protect both livelihoods and environments.

  7. The Energy of Nations

    The long awaited The Energy of Nations, by Jeremy Leggett, is now available to purchase! Find more information on the book, including a blog post by Jeremy, here.

  8. The Energy of Nations, by Jeremy Leggett

    We are pleased to present a new Earthscan from Routledge blog post written by Jeremy Leggett, author of The Energy of Nations.

    With a new entry every fortnight, blog posts written by various Earthscan from Routledge authors will be displayed both on the Routledge website and on the Earthscan from Routledge Facebook page. Each post within Facebook will be open to comments so please feel free to voice your thoughts!

  9. Starting a Successful Practice in Clinical Psychology and Counseling

    Clinical psychology is a quickly growing profession, yet it is a challenging one: the preparation is arduous, the training is highly selective, and the results – an established and financially successful practice – are not easy to achieve. This book explains how to prepare for and surmount all of the hurdles presented to those who hope to eventually develop a lucrative and rewarding practice in clinical psychology.  

  10. NEW Criminology and Criminal Justice Reference and Research Online Catalog

    Our Criminology and Criminal Justice Research and Reference online catalog has just gone live.

    The catalog features our new titles, as well as our bestselling backlist collections of relevant and popular works. You will find whatever you need to further your own research or professional interests, challenge and support your students, or to provide essential reference materials for your institutional library.

    Just click on the link to browse the catalog

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