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  1. Food and Wine Events in Europe

    A Stakeholder Approach
    Edited by Alessio Cavicchi, Cristina Santini

    Written by leading academics and including case studies illustrating the economic and social impacts linked to food and wine events, this is the first book to illustrate the impacts of food and wine events from a stakeholder perspective

    This timely and important volume also highlights best practices to achieve effective event management and maximize expected results.

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  2. Routledge Humanitarian Studies

    Edited by Alex de Waal and Thea Hilhorst

    The Routledge Humanitarian Studies series in collaboration with the International Humanitarian Studies Association (IHSA) takes a comprehensive approach to the growing field of expertise that is humanitarian studies. This field is concerned with humanitarian crises caused by natural disaster, conflict or political instability and deals with the study of how humanitarian crises evolve, how they affect people and their institutions and societies, and the responses they trigger.

    This interdisciplinary series draws on and is relevant to a range of disciplines, including development studies, international relations, international law, anthropology, peace and conflict studies, public health and migration studies.

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  3. Research Methods for Tourism Students

    By Ramesh Durbarry

    Written from a researcher’s point of view this text encourages students to think about the importance of research in informing good practice and to appreciate the role that it plays in the tourism industry.

    Research Methods for Tourism Students provides:

    • innovative ideas and inspiration for their own research work
    • information on research strategies available.
    • a step by step guide to accomplish a research project or dissertation
    • tourism specific research case study examples
    • case studies and useful learning aids

    This visually accessible and engaging book is essential reading for all Tourism students.

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  4. Focus on: Chinese Economics

    Routledge have made chapters from some key Chinese economics books free to view online for a limited time only. Browse the titles on offer and view our journal article collections in this area.

  5. Routledge Research in Architecture series

    The Routledge Research in Architecture series provides the reader with the latest scholarship in the field of architecture. The series publishes research from across the globe and covers areas as diverse as architectural history and theory, technology, digital architecture, structures, materials, details, design, monographs of architects, interior design and much more. By making these studies available to the worldwide academic community, the series aims to promote quality architectural research.

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  6. FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association)

    The Men, the Myths and the Money
    By Alan Tomlinson

    Written by a leading authority in the area, this critical new account of one of the world’s most important sporting institutions, investigates the history of FIFA and the underlying political dynamics characterising its growth.

    The book explores the influence of the men who have led FIFA, the emergence of the World Cup as FIFA’s exclusive product, FIFA’s relationships with other federations and associations, the crises that have shaped its recent history and the issues and challenges that are likely to shape its future.

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  7. Fundamental Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise

    By James Watkins

    This comprehensive introductory textbook explains biomechanical concepts from it first principles, introducing the structure and function of the human musculoskeletal system and its structural adaptations and focusing on the biomechanics of movement.

    No other textbook offers such a clear and easy-to-understand introduction to the fundamentals of biomechanics.

    This is an essential textbook for any biomechanics course taken as part of degree program in sport and exercise science, kinesiology, physical therapy, sports coaching or athletic training.

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  8. Learning Trajectories, Violence and Empowerment amongst Adult Basic Skills Learners

    "Learning Trajectories is mainly a study of the hurt and harm inflicted on people in disadvantaged communities, examined through the life histories of learners in Oldham. Duckworth’s perspective is that of an insider. ... It is intelligent, fresh and compelling to read …” - John Field, Professor Emeritus, School of Education, University of Stirling, in the THE, 27th February 2014

  9. SPOTLIGHT ON:  Asia’s Transformations

    Routledge are pleased to showcase our Asia's Transformations series. The books in this series explore the political, social, economic and cultural consequences of Asia's twenty-first century transformations. To find out more click here.

  10. SPOTLIGHT ON: Middle East History

    Routledge are pleased to showcase a selection of Middle East History titles and until the end of April 2014 we're offering 20% discount* on all Middle East History!

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