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Recent Articles

  1. RIBA Publishing catalog 2013

    New Distribution Arrangement between Taylor and Francis and RIBA Enterprises.
    We are delighted to announce a new distribution arrangement between Taylor and Francis and RIBA Enterprises, the publishing arm of the Royal Institute of British Architects, for books published under the RIBA, RIBA Publishing and NBS imprints.

    Commencing on 1st October 2012 Taylor and Francis are the exclusive distributor for all published titles outside of the UK and Ireland: RIBA Enterprises remains the exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland.

    RIBA Publishing is one of the leading providers of high quality information for architects, built environment professionals and students around the world and is therefore an ideal complement
    to our own Routledge Architecture, Construction, Planning and Landscape lists. Taylor and Francis’s comprehensive international sales and marketing network will bring RIBA Publishing titles to global markets for the first time under a unified distribution agreement.

    For a full listing of books available to purchase outside the UK and Ireland click here

  2. Foucault for Architects ( May 2013)

    Foucault for Architects - From the mid-1960s onwards Michel Foucault has had a significant impact on diverse aspects of culture, knowledge and arts including architecture and its critical discourse. The implications for architecture have been wide-ranging. His archaeological and genealogical approaches to knowledge have transformed architectural history and theory, while his attitude to arts and esthetics led to a renewed focus on the avant-garde.

    Prepared by an architect, this book offers an excellent entry point into the remarkable work of Michel Foucault, and provides a focused introduction suitable for architects, urban designers, and students of architecture.

    For more information on the Thinkers for Architects Series click here

  3. Authors of the Month, May:  William B. Russell III, Stewart Waters and Thomas N. Turner

    The fourth edition of Dr. William B. Russell III, Dr. Stewart Waters and Dr. Thomas N. Turner's latest textbook, Essentials of Elementary Social Studies, published this past November. Their new upcoming textbook, Essentials of Middle and Secondary Social Studies, will publish this August.

    William B. Russell III, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Social Science Education at The University of Central Florida. He teaches social studies education courses and serves as the Social Science Education Ph.D. track coordinator.

    Stewart Waters, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Social Science Education in the Department of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

    Thomas N. Turner, Ed.D. is Professor of Social Science Education in the Department of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

  4. Mass Media and Changing Values

    Victory Day: Reflecting on the post war years

    Victory Day (9 May) marks Nazi Germany’s surrender to the Soviet Union in 1945.

    We have lots of books that look back on the post-war period, exploring everything from the Khrushchev "Thaw" in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the state of religion after the communist era, the position of rural women in society, the Soviet secret police, the changes in Russian Universities, and the Russian/Soviet intellectual tradition of Oriental and Islamic studies. Why not browse our popular Routledge Contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe Series here?

  5. Call for Papers: Sexuality and Ageing

    Guest Editors: Walter Pierre Bouman and Peggy J. Kleinplatz

    This special issue of Sexual and Relationship Therapy looks to bring together those currently writing on and doing research into ageing as it relates to gender identity, sex and sexuality, and to intimate relationships, in a therapeutic context.

    Deadline for submission of abstracts: 31 December 2013

    Read the full call for papers

  6. Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy

    Look beyond behavioral treatments, pharmaceutical interventions, and performance goals to a more comprehensive picture of what your clients want and need when they enter sex therapy. Gina Ogden is a master therapist, supervisor, researcher, teacher, and author with four decades of helping clients and training health professionals. Her ISIS Wheel of Sexual Experience is an innovative template that recognizes the full range of sexual issues: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy offers you new language to discuss sexual issues and creative ways to engage clients in their own therapeutic process–whether or not you are trained as a sex therapist. 

  7. Handbook of Thanatology

    If ever there was an area requiring that the research-practice gap be bridged, surely it occurs where thanatologists engage with people dealing with human mortality and loss. The field of thanatology—the study of death and dying—is a complex, multidisciplinary area that encompases the range of human experiences, emotions, expectations, and realities. The Handbook of Thanatology is the most authoritative volume in the field, providing a single source of up-to-date scholarship, research, and practice implications.

  8. The Bilingual Counselor’s Guide to Spanish

    Designed specifically with mental health professionals in mind, The Bilingual Counselor’s Guide to Spanish is perfect for counselors interested in expanding their client base and language skill set. Featuring terminology and cultural phrases specific to the mental health profession, this text offers an easy introduction to both the Spanish language and interfacing with Spanish-speaking clients in a counseling setting. 

  9. A New Understanding of ADHD in Children and Adults

    For over 100 years, ADHD has been seen as essentially a behavior disorder. Recent scientific research has developed a new paradigm which recognizes ADHD as a developmental disorder of the cognitive management system of the brain, its executive functions. This cutting-edge book pulls together key ideas of this new understanding of ADHD, explaining them and describing in understandable language scientific research that supports this new model. 

  10. Community Architecture (Routledge Revivals)

    Charles Knevitt and Nick Wates talk about the reissue of ‘Community Architecture’

    Co-authors Charles Knevitt and Nick Wates discuss the evolving impact of their iconic work, Community Architecture.

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