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  1. Fathers in Cultural Context

    This new volume reviews the latest research on fathering from every continent, from cultures representing over 50% of the world’s population. International experts on 14 societies/regions discuss cultural and historical influences, variations between and within cultures, and socio economic conditions and policies that impact fathering.

  2. Review: Contemporary British Art

    Thanks to Art History for reviewing Routledge title: Contemporary British Art By Grant Pooke

    'Grant Pooke’s Contemporary British Art is one of the first (if not the first) survey books to be written on the art produced in Britain between 1987 and 2007, and a thorough account of recent artists, art practices and thematic tendencies is provided. Works of art are carefully described and discussed in a clear, jargon-free style, making this book accessible to a wide audience; it will undoubtedly become a mainstay of school and undergraduate reading lists.' - Art History

  3. Rave Reviews for ‘Reframing Photography’

    Thanks to philly artblog blog for their review of Reframing Photography By Rebekah Modrak & Bill Anthes:

    'Reframing Photography, the 560-page encyclopedic book on the subject includes everything about photography and then some. The book is for students, teachers and those in the self-taught orbit who want to do it themselves with a little help.' - philly artblog blog
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  4. Fantastic Film Title Review

    Thanks to Scope for reviewing Routledge title Fifty Key American Films. In celebration of this review View Inside for free today!

    'Fifty Key American Films is about films that have gained classic status either through critical appraisal or through popular acclaim or both. The book is unabashedly about films that have attained canonical status and are worthy of being labeled as key filmic moments in 100 years of American cinematic experience...The book is a must read for all those seeking an introduction to some of the best of American cinema.'- Scope

  5. New Textbook: Visual Sociology By Douglas Harper

    Visual sociology has been part of the sociological vocabulary since the 1970s, but until now there has not been a comprehensive text that introduces this area. Written by one of the founding fathers in the field, Visual Sociology explores how the world that is seen, photographed, drawn, or otherwise represented visually is different from the world that is represented through words and numbers.

    Order your complimentary exam copy today!

  6. Handbook of Vowels and Vowel Disorders

    In the general study of speech and phonetics, vowels have stood in second place to consonants. But what vowels are, how they differ from one another, how they vary among speakers, and how they are subject to disorder, are questions that require a closer examination.

  7. Mid and Late Career Issues: An Integrative Perspective

    This new book looks at the unique career issues faced by those workers in their mid and late career stages, particularly with regard to the psychosocial dynamics of mid and late careers. With the growth in aging workers worldwide, we need a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and issues as well as the practical implications related to the shifting demographics to an older workforce, particularly the aging of the baby boom generation.

  8. Europa: Past, Present and Future

    What do you have to achieve to make it into an International Who’s Who? How is Europa making use of online publishing? We talk to Editorial Director, Paul Kelly, who answers our questions on Europa's editorial processes, prestigious history and plans for 2014.

  9. Collective Learning for Transformational Change by Valerie A. Brown and Judith A. Lambert

    This book offers a step by step guide for those seeking to undertake a transformational change process based on strong collaboration among diverse interests. Guiding transformational change goes beyond small changes to an existing system. It leads to lasting change in the system itself.

  10. Water Management, Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture in Developing Economies

    By M. Dinesh Kumar, M.V.K. Sivamohan and Nitin Bassi

    This book addresses strategies for food security and sustainable agriculture in developing economies. The book focuses primarily on India, a fast developing economy, whose natural resource base comprising land and water supporting agricultural production is not only under enormous stress, but also complex and not amenable to a uniform strategy.

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