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Recent Articles

  1. Student Discount Engineering 2014

    Save 20% on your Engineering Textbook - simply enter offer code FE2014 at the checkout to receive your discount

  2. Understanding Intercultural Communication - Negotiating a Grammar of Culture

    Understanding Intercultural Communication provides a practical framework to help students analyze intercultural communication. Underpinned by a new grammar of culture developed by Adrian Holliday, this book incorporates examples and activities to enable students and professionals to investigate culture on very new, entirely non-essentialist lines. Read more here.

    Follow this link if you are teaching and would like to request a complimentary exam copy to consider adopting for your course.

  3. Al Qaeda

    Al Qaeda

    ‘…this monumental five-volume collection of previously published articles by leading analysts on al Qaeda is, to date, the most comprehensive resource published on the terrorist organization...' The Washington Times

  4. Politics Textbook Catalog

    Looking for the ideal Politics textbook for your teaching?

  5. Latin American Studies Catalog

    Latin American Studies

    View the NEW Latin American Studies catalog, read free sample material from Latin American Politics books and free journal articles on the legacy of Hugo Chávez, and browse the range of titles from the Routledge Studies in Latin American Politics...


  6. World Environment Day

    To commemorate World Environment Day we’re pleased to present a selection of titles relevant to theme this year: Think.Eat.Save. Find out more here.

    Save 20% on these titles from now until 30th June by using code WED20.

  7. Environmental Anthropology: Now Available

    This volume presents new theoretical approaches, methodologies, subject pools, and topics in the field of environmental anthropology. Environmental anthropologists are increasingly focusing on self-reflection - not just on themselves and their impacts on environmental research, but also on the reflexive qualities of their subjects, and the extent to which these individuals are questioning their own environmental behavior. Here, contributors confront the very notion of "natural resources" in granting non-human species their subjectivity and arguing for deeper understanding of "nature," and "wilderness" beyond the label of "ecosystem services."

  8. Ancient Near East: The Basics

    Ancient Near East: The Basics surveys the history of the ancient Middle East from the invention of writing to Alexander the Great’s conquest. The book introduces both the physical and intellectual environment of those times, the struggles of state-building and empire construction, and the dissent from those efforts. Featuring a glossary, chronology and suggestions for further reading, this book has all the tools the reader needs to understand the history and study of the Ancient Near East.

  9. Female Agency in the Urban Economy

    Available now - "This collection broadens our knowledge about women in 18th-century towns by extending the geographic focus to Scandinavia and central Europe. The contributors examine women’s experiences and contributions to a variety of urban settings and provide insight into women’s roles as financial brokers, peddlers, migrants, medical consumers, and landholders. The essays put gender squarely at the center of the development of European towns." – Amy Froide, University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA

  10. Revisionist Histories

    Revision and revisionism are generally seen as standard parts of historical practice, yet they are underexplored within the growing literature on historiography. In this accessibly written volume, Marnie Hughes-Warrington discusses this paucity of work on revision in history theory and raises ethical questions about linear models and spatial metaphors that have been used to explain it. Revisionist Histories emphasises the role of the authors and audiences of histories alike as the writers and rewriters of history.

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