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  1. Reflections on ‘Governance for Pro-Poor Urban Development’

    Franklin Obeng-Odoom, author of Governance for Pro-Poor Urban Development, has recently shared his reflections of the book with Urbani izziv ("Urban Challenge"). Franklin discusses the global interest in cities and governance and how his book contributes to the conversation. Read the full article here.

  2. Psychoanalytic Complexity

    Psychoanalytic Complexity is the application of a multidisciplinary, explanatory theory to clinical psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. William Coburn offers a revolutionary and far-reaching counterpoint to the remnants of Cartesianism and scientism, respecting and encouraging human anomaly rather than pathologizing or obliterating the uniqueness of the individual person. 

  3. Peter Montiel Writes on the Fiscal Policy of Latin America

    Peter Montiel, author of Ten Crises, and Eduardo Fernández-Arias write on the Great Recession, ‘rainy day’ funds, and countercyclical fiscal policy in Latin America. Find more about Ten Crises here!

  4. Reading the Qur’an in the Twenty-First Century: A Contextualist Approach

    Reading the Qur’an in the Twenty-First Century considers the development of Qur’anic interpretation and highlights modern debates around new approaches to interpretation. It explores how Muslims from various theological, legal, socio-political and philosophical backgrounds think about the meaning and relevance of the Qur’an, and how their ideas apply in the contemporary world.

  5. December Series of the Month: Media, Religion and Culture

    Media, Religion and Culture is an exciting series which analyses the role of media and popular culture in the history and contemporary practice of religious belief. Books in this series explore the importance of a variety of media in religious practice and highlight the significance of the cultural, social and religious setting of such media. The series seeks both to present the best new work in this rapidly growing field, and to offer stimulating reading material for students.

  6. December Book of the Month: The Rebellion of Absalom

    With extraordinary range and literary energy, the story of Absalom’s rebellion in 2 Samuel ranks as the most elaborate and extensively narrated internal political event in the Hebrew Bible, complete with a host of scandalous and sordid events: illicit sex, murder, cover-up, petty crime, to name a few. For many students approaching the historical books of the Bible, however, texts oftentimes fail to address the vitality of this most turbulent period of King David’s career. Bodner addresses this shortcoming with his The Rebellion of Absalom, a lively analysis of the early monarchy of Israel, written by a recognized commentator of the Bible’s historical books. Concise and insightful, each chapter incrementally focuses on the stages of David’s rise to power and Absalom’s early life and rebellion.

  7. Women, Livestock Ownership and Markets

    Bridging the Gender Gap in Eastern and Southern Africa
    Edited by Jemimah Njuki and Pascal C. Sanginga

    This book provides empirical evidence from Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique and from different production systems of the importance of livestock as an asset to women and their participation in livestock and livestock product markets. It explores the issues of intra-household income management and economic benefits of livestock markets to women, focusing on how types of markets, the types of products and women’s participation in markets influence their access to livestock income... Read more...

  8. Alternative Food Networks

    Knowledge, Practice, and Politics
    By David Goodman, E. Melanie DuPuis and Michael K. Goodman

    This timely book provides a critical review of the growth of alternative food networks and their struggle to defend their ethical and aesthetic values against the standardizing pressures of the corporate mainstream with its "placeless and nameless" global supply networks. It explores how these alternative movements are "making a difference" and their possible role as fears of global climate change and food insecurity intensify... Read more...

  9. Religions and Development

    By Emma Tomalin

    This innovative text presents religions as something that can both obstruct and aid development, encouraging readers to engage critically with the multiple ways that religion impacts on both the conceptualization of development as well the resulting project interventions. This will be of interest to undergraduate, postgraduate students and scholars interested in religious studies, development studies, and the broader study of societies and cultures... Read more...

  10. Development Organizations

    By Rebecca Schaaf

    This invaluable text is richly complimented throughout with case studies to help illustrate the operations of development organizations; from the impact of multinational oil companies in the Niger delta to the impact of IMF reforms in Latin America and the Caribbean. This clearly written and user friendly text contains a wealth of features to assist student learning, including start of chapter learning outcomes, and end of chapter summaries, discussion topics, and suggestions for further reading and relevant websites... Read more...

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