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  1. Attributes of Memory (Psychology Revivals)

    First published in 1974, Attributes of Memory rejected the prevalent stress on the structure of memory. It suggests that the view of memory as a sequence of stores through which information passes is mistaken.

  2. ALT Logo

    The Routledge/ALT Teaching Law with Technology Prize 2013

    Routledge and the Association of Law Teachers are delighted to announce the shortlist for the inaugural Teaching Law with Technology Prize in order to recognize, reward and champion innovation in teaching and learning. The standard of entries has been exceptionally high and showcases the high-quality of law teaching in the UK. The winner will be announced at the ALT annual conference. Read on for details of shortlisted candidates

  3. Wrestling with Destiny

    Can psychoanalysis help people control their destinies?

    Using empirical evidence from neuroscience, Lucy Holmes makes a powerful argument that it can. This book considers the various ways in which destiny is linked to the repetition compulsion, and how free association in psychoanalysis can literally change the mind in ways that can help people reshape and take control of the future. Freud’s psychoanalysis is revealed here to be startlingly modern in its consonance with the latest findings in the study of the brain. 

  4. David Hamilton talks about the reissue of ‘Towards a Theory of Schooling’ this April

    Author of Towards a Theory of Schooling, David Hamilton, talks to us about this Revival and and why it is still such a timely publication today.

  5. Working With Families in Medical Settings

    "Families are our patients’ primary caregivers. Health professionals interact with them regularly, though oftentimes without training in how to do so. This eminently practical volume fills a gap in helping physicians and other health professionals understand how to successfully partner with families in the treatment of our patients. Family psychiatrist Alison Heru offers us practical approaches to family assessment and intervention that can be implemented in a range of mental health and medical contexts. We learn what family factors promote health, how families adapt to chronic illness, how to intervene in disruptive family situations and how to parent during chronic or life-threatening illness. This volume provides us with practical, useable tools to understand and involve families in the treatment of our patients." —Susan McDaniel, PhD, director, Institute for the Family, University of Rochester Medical Center 

  6. Two Earthscan from Routledge books selected as CHOICE ‘Outstanding Academic Titles’ 2012

    Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises by Erich Hoyt and Marine Conservation Ecology by John Roff and Mark Zacharias were both selected as 'Outstanding Academic Titles' of 2012 by Choice Magazine.

  7. Love, Intimacy, and the African American Couple

    This exciting new text on counseling African American couples outlines critical components to providing culturally-sensitive treatment. Built around a framework that examines African American couples’ issues as well as the specific contextual factors that can negatively impact their relationships, it:

    • Addresses threats to love and intimacy for Black couples

    • Provides culturally relevant, strengths-based approaches and assessment practices

    • Includes interesting case studies at the conclusion of each chapter that illustrate important concepts. 

  8. Assessing Common Mental Health and Addiction Issues With Free-Access Instruments

    As healthcare costs rise, so too do the costs of assessment instruments, critical tools for mental health professionals. While some traditional assessment instruments have become prohibitively expensive, as with many other fields, the Internet offers a host of more affordable and equitable alternative assessment tools at little or no cost. The pitfall of this alternative, thus far, has been the lack of vetting and quality assessment. Assessing Common Mental Health and Addiction Issues With Free-Access Instruments fills this gap by providing the first analysis and assessment of these tools, provided by some of the leading names in mental health assessment instruments.  

  9. Forensic Uses of Clinical Assessment Instruments

    This book provides, in a single volume, an extensive, research-based evaluation of the most popular clinical assessment tools as applied in forensic settings. These widely used instruments oftentimes require important modifications in their administration and interpretation when used for forensic purposes, and it is vital that the clinician is intimately familiar with their correct application, as well as their limitations. 

  10. Personality Assessment in the DSM-V

    The DSM-5 promises to be a major reformulation of psychopathology, and no section is likely to change diagnostic practice more than that of personality pathology. Unlike the DSM-IV, the DSM-5 personality disorders will be conceptualized as involving core deficits in interpersonal and self-functioning, and will utilize a hybrid assessment model involving both pathological trait dimensions and a limited set of personality disorder types.  

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