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Articles, News, Promotions and Updates from Routledge and the Taylor & Francis Group.

Recent Articles

  1. Revivals

    New Asian Studies Bundle from Routledge Revivals

    Routledge Revivals is an exciting reissue program which revives 'out of print' books and breathes new life into them.

    The Asian Studies bundle covers a wide spectrum of sub-disciplines from across the field of Asian Studies with reference to a number of Asian countries. A comprehensive set, titles consider the diplomacy, foreign policy, history, geography and culture of South-Eastern and Central Asia, India and Japan.

    Available for pre-order!
    Why wait - complete your library today by ordering online now.

  2. Jung and Moreno

    Jung and Moreno: Essays on the theater of human nature shows how Jung and Moreno can be creatively combined to understand better and facilitate therapeutic work.

    Craig E. Stephenson and contributors write about how and why they put together Jung and Moreno. They describe and discuss psychodrama sessions grounded in the fundamentals of Jung’s analytical psychology, as well as dream and fairy tale enactments and individual psychoanalytical sessions in which they employ psychodramatic techniques.

  3. European College of Sport Science

    Founded in 1995 in Nice, France, the European College of Sport Science (ECSS) is a sport scientific society dedicated to the collection, generation and dissemination of scientific knowledge at the European level. Routledge works closely with ECSS to provide their members with reviews of new books, discounts on book purchases and promote the ECSS Annual Congress.

  4. NEW SERIES: Studies in International Planning History

    Routledge is delighted to announce the launch of a new monograph series, Studies in International Planning History that publishes new editions of key texts in the development of planning as a professional and academic discipline.

    July 2013 sees the publication of the first tranche of titles, including works by Raymond Unwin and Thomas Sharp, and the Proceedings of the 1913 Ghent Planning Congress, as well as two short but influential volumes on planning in Africa in the middle of the 20th Century. Future publications will include works from Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan.

  5. Order Your Routledge Revivals Medieval History Bundle Today

    Routledge is pleased to announce that we have released this collection of reissues bringing together a number of prominent medievalists who explore areas of medieval political ideology, societal convention and literary thought.

  6. Order Your Routledge Revivals Anthropology Bundle Today

    Routledge is pleased to announce that we have released this collection of reissues covering a broad range of areas from across the field of Anthropology, including religion and marriage, cultural identity, symbolism and kinship.

  7. Author Appearance - Lawrence Samuel at the NYPL

    Lawrence Samuel, author of The American Middle Class, will be giving a talk on his new book at the New York Public Library on July 24th.

  8. Featured Education Series: July 2013

    Core Concepts in Higher Education

    Series Editors: Edward P. St. John, Marybeth Gasman

    Core Concepts in Higher Education is a textbook series for the education of new professionals, covering the core areas of study in the field of higher education and student affairs. This timely and dependable series provides the necessary tools to ensure practice is informed by theory and research.

  9. July 2013 Textbook of the Month

    Doing Critical Literacy
    Texts and Activities for Students and Teachers

    By Hilary Janks, Kerryn Dixon, Ana Ferreira, Stella Granville, Denise Newfield

    Complimentary Exam Copy

    Compelling and highly engaging, this text shows teachers at all levels how to do critical literacy in the classroom and provides models for practice that can be adapted to any context. Integrating social theory and classroom practice, it brings critical literacy to life as a socio-cultural orientation to the teaching of literacy that takes seriously the relationship between language and power and orients readers to the social effects of texts.

  10. New Books in July 2013!

    Read on to browse all of our new books publishing this month

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