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Recent Articles

  1. Psychology Press congratulates Professor Alan Baddeley!

    Professor Alan Baddeley has received this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the British Psychological Society’s Research Board. The Research Board makes this award each year to a psychologist with an outstanding record of personal achievements who has also made significant contributions to the advancement of psychological knowledge.

  2. Core Competencies in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

    Series: Core Competencies in Psychotherapy

    This volume is a concise, convenient, and clearly written book for those who wish to study, master, and teach the core competencies of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Relevant for novice therapists as well as experienced clinicians and supervisors, this text also goes “between the lines” of evidence-based practices to highlight those methods which maximize the motivational and inspirational power of this therapy.

  3. Secure Recovery

    The Issues in Forensic Psychology series

    Our new Issues in Forensic Psychology series is publishing two new exciting titles this summer!

  4. Colleges - save money on bulk orders

    At Routledge we offer very competitive discounts if you order multiple copies of your adopted course textbook direct from us.

  5. Early American History Catalog

    Visit Routledge at SHEAR 2012

    Routledge History will be attending the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic (SHEAR) conference in Baltimore, MD, July 20-22. Stop by our booth to browse our latest books, order an exam copy, and learn more about our titles! We will have many of the titles in our Early American History Catalog on display.

  6. Designed for Habitat ( August 2012)

    "Unlike most architecture books, this book goes beyond the pictures to explain how these houses were designed and built, and offers practical lessons for architects and practitioners. It should be required reading for anyone who develops or builds modest, affordable single family houses, as well as for any architect who considers this product unworthy of their talents."

    Alan Mallach, The Brookings Institution, Author of A Decent Home: Planning, Building and Preserving Affordable Housing

  7. Architecture & Design Versus Consumerism (July 2012)

    'Architecture and Design versus Consumerism provides a highly productive and authentic investigation into what design means in the twenty-first Century. Through her lucid analysis, Thorpe surfaces the most important questions the design industry needs to ask, and offers a new way of thinking about answers. In a crowded market of design books that seem to range from self-help to self-congratulation, Architecture and Design versus Consumerism offers a contextualized and timely framework that is powerful in any designer's toolkit.' – Valerie Casey, founder and executive director of the Designers Accord

  8. Diagramming the Big Idea ( August 2012)

    In Diagramming the Big Idea, Jeffrey Balmer and Michael T. Swisher illustrate how you can create and use diagrams to clarify your understanding of both particular projects and organizing principles and ideas. With accessible, step-by-step exercises that interweave diagrams, drawings and virtual models, the authors clearly show you how to compose meaningful and useful diagrams.

  9. China’s Climate Change Policies By Wang Weiguang, Guoguang Zheng, Jiahua Pan

    China is becoming a rising star in global economical and political affairs. Both internationally and within China itself, people have great expectations of its future role. This book aims to clarify many aspects of China’s key position in the climate change situation and policy debates.

  10. The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Local and Regional Policy and Management

    by Heidi Wittmer, Haripriya Gundimeda

    In this volume of the TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) publication series, the key concepts of the project are applied to local and regional policy and public management. The aim is to show that by taking nature's benefits into account, decision makers can promote local development to ensure human well-being and economic growth and stability, while maintaining environmental sustainability. The book explores the potential for local development provided by an approach based on nature.

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