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Articles, News, Promotions and Updates from Routledge and the Taylor & Francis Group.

Recent Articles

  1. Celebrate 25 Years with Review of Political Economy

    After 25 years of the journal, Review of Political Economy, Routledge is happy to offer free access to certain articles. Click here to explore!

  2. Urban Growth in Emerging Economies

    Along with globalization, urban transitions have been central in the southward shift in economic power towards the newly emerging economies. As this book shows, however, these transitions have not been painless, and it is important for the rest of the urbanizing world to learn from the mistakes. It examines the role of urbanization and urban growth in the emerging economies, taking the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as case studies.

  3. Psychology and Mental Health Research and Reference Titles Catalog

    Welcome to the Psychology and Mental Health Research and Reference online catalog, featuring titles from across key fields in psychology and mental health, from both Routledge and Psychology Press imprints. Learn more

  4. How can formative assessment raise student achievement and teacher growth?

    School Leadership Briefing just posted an interview with Todd Stanley and Jana Alig, co-authors of The School Leader’s Guide to Formative Assessment. Visit their website to learn more!

  5. Dialogue and Dementia

    This volume takes the positive view that conversation between persons with dementia and their interlocutors is a privileged site for ongoing cognitive engagement. Specifically, the book aims to identify and describe specific linguistic devices or strategies at the level of turn-by-turn talk that promote and extend conversation and to explore real-world engagements that reflect these strategies. 

  6. Renewable Energy Resources Collection from T&F eBooks

    Special price for full collection now available.

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  7. New-Education Research and Reference Catalog

    This catalog contains details of titles across a range of subjects within education, such as higher education, sociology of education, education policy, ESL/Bilingual education and more, which are ideal for building your Education library collection.  Read more

  8. New Title-World Yearbook of Education 2014

    This latest volume in the World Yearbook of Education Series focuses on a major and highly significant development in the governing of education across the globe: the use of knowledge-based technologies as key policy sources. A combination of factors has produced this shift: first, the massive expansion of technological capacity signaled by the arrival of ‘big data’ that allows for the collection, circulation and processing of extensive system knowledge 

  9. White Paper - High-Tech Critical Thinking

    Check out this new White Paper from Dr. Rebecca Stobaugh in which she discusses ways to naturally integrate technology to support critical thinking at each level of Anderson and Krathwohl's revision of Bloom's taxonomy.

    Dr. Stobaugh is the author of Assessing Critical Thinking in Elementary Schools and Assessing Critical Thinking in Middle and High Schools.

  10. Renewable Energy Technology Collection from T&F eBooks

    Special price for full collection now available.

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