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Articles, News, Promotions and Updates from Routledge and the Taylor & Francis Group.

Recent Articles

  1. Featured Research Book: Foundations of Modernity

    Foundations of Modernity: Human Agency and the Imperial State, by Isa Blumi, is a groundbreaking study that introduces a new apporoach to the study of modern state power. Examining events along the frontiers of the Ottoman Empire, and drawing attention to the agency of long-ignored groups like pirates, smugglers, refugees, and the rural poor, this book challenges the idea that the modernity was solely created by Europe.

  2. Now Available: Book Production

    The digital revolution has brought with it a wider range of options for creating and producing print on paper products than ever seen before. With the growing demand for skills and knowledge with which to exploit the potential of digital technology, comes the need for a comprehensive book that not only makes it possible for production staff, editors, and designers to understand how the technology affects the industry they work in, but also provides them with the skills and competencies they need to work in it smartly and effectively. This book is designed to satisfy this need.

    Order your complimentary exam copy if you teach a relevant course.

  3. New: Carbon Capture and Sequestration

    Carbon Capture and Sequestration identifies current law and regulation that applies to geologic sequestration in the U.S., the regulatory needs to ensure that geologic sequestration is carried out safely and effectively, and barriers that current law and regulation present to timely deployment of CCS. The authors operationalize their recommendations in legislative language, which is of particular use to policymakers faced with the challenge of addressing climate change and energy.  For additional information about this book, please visit us here.

  4. How to Submit a Book Proposal to RFF Press

    We are very pleased that you are interested in publishing with Routledge and RFF Press. If you are working on a proposal in the areas of Environmental Economics or Natural Resource Management, we would like to hear from you.  Please continue reading for information on how to prepare and submit a book proposal.

  5. New: Water Diplomacy

    Water is the resource that will determine the wealth, welfare, and stability of many countries in the twenty-first century. This book offers a new approach to managing water that will overcome the conflicts that emerge when the interactions among natural, societal, and political forces are overlooked. For more information, including the Table of Contents, please visit us here.

  6. New: The Global Economics of Forestry

    William F. Hyde's new volume reaches far beyond the growing field of forestry economics; it explains what forestry can do to regional development and environmental conservation and what external policies in other sectors and the macro-economy can do to forestry.  For more information about The Global Economics of Forestry please visit us here.

  7. CILIP logo

    Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online ‘a must have for any institution’

    The online version of Routledge's landmark philosophy reference work was a big hit with Paul Gahan, Information & Local Studies Librarian at Swindon Libraries in the UK. Find out what he made of the resource and why it could be of benefit to your philosophy subject library. All the details here.

  8. EURO 2012 Collection

    EURO 2012 Collection

    EURO 2012 Collection

    To coincide with the 14th UEFA European Football Championships (Euro 2012) this June & July, Routledge is providing you with a collection of over 100 leading academic articles focussing on key themes surrounding Football and Mega Events in general. From Biomechanics to Gender Studies, Geography to Politics, and Sport to Tourism, we’ve got the lot!

  9. Evidence in Context

    Great Customer Video Review for Evidence in Context

    The new edition of Evidence in Context by Jonathan Doak and Claire McGourlay has received a glowing customer review on You can watch and listen to the review here.

    If you are teaching an Evidence module and you would like to consider Evidence in Context as recommended reading for your students you can order a complimentary exam copy here.

  10. Stephen J. Ball

    Routledge Education Author of the Month, June 2012: Stephen J. Ball

    Stephen J. Ball’s most recent title with Routledge is February's Global Education Inc., which offers an account of contemporary trends in education reform and public sector governance, focusing on the increasing role of business and philanthropy in education service delivery and education policy and the emergence of new forms of ‘network’ governance. In November of this year, Routledge will publish Dr. Ball's Foucault, Power, and Education, as part of the Routledge Key Ideas in Education series, edited by Greg Dimitriadis and Bob Lingard.

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