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Recent Articles

  1. Psychology and Crime: An Introduction to Criminological Psychology, 2nd Edition

    Crime is an expensive aspect of society, and each year huge amounts of public money are spent on the courts, police, probation services, and prisons, while the human costs in terms of pain, fear and loss is incalculable. Psychology and Crime comprehensively covers the vital role of psychological theories and methods in understanding and managing criminal behavior.

  2. Featured Title: Consumers and Individuals in China

    Breaking new ground in the study of Chinese urban society, Consumers and Individuals in China applies critical discourse analysis to ethnographic data gathered in Anshan, a third-tier city and market in northeast China.

  3. Now Available: The Routledge Handbook on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    The Routledge Handbook on the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict is now available and offers a comprehensive and accessible overview of the most contentious and protracted political issue in the Middle East. Bringing together a range of top experts from Israel, Palestine, Europe and North America the Handbook tackles a range of topics.

  4. The Use of Self in Therapy, Third Edition

    One of the most powerful factors in therapy is that it involves the intensive relationship between two (or more) human beings. The issues of transparency and self-disclosure therefore become important concerns for therapists; how can they use themselves effectively in their work without transgressing on professional regulations? These issues and concerns are addressed in this new edition of The Use of Self in Therapy by experienced therapists, who share their own wisdom, research, and experiences in valuable ways.

  5. American Government 7e

    Need a Supplemental Text to Use With American Government?

    American Government has been bundled with several texts to suit your individual course needs.  Click for more information.

  6. Handbook of Family Theories: A Content-Based Approach

    Organized by content areas rather than by theory, this comprehensive, accessible handbook helps readers gain greater insight into how key theories have impacted today’s family research. Most competing books, organized by theory, do not provide a strong sense of the links between theory and research. Using the 2000 and 2010 decade-in-review issues of the Journal of Marriage and Family as a resource, the book addresses the most important topics impacting family studies research today.

  7. Routledge Revivals reissue the popular art book – ‘The Birth of Western Painting’

    First published in 1930, this book deals with Byzantine art. The book considers not just the movement itself, but the significant impact it had on the subsequent history of European painting. Until now, this popular book has been out of reach and difficult to obtain.

  8. Deaf Mental Health Care

    "Deaf Mental Health Care is by far the best, most comprehensive and objective book on the psychological aspects of deafensss I have read during my 58 years of working as a psychologist in the field of deafness." - McCay Vernon, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, McDaniel College

    This volume presents a state of the art account of the clinical specialty of mental health care of deaf people. Drawing upon some of the leading clinicians, teachers, administrators, and researchers in this field from the United States and Great Britain, it addresses critical issues from this specialty. Each chapter contains numerous clinical case studies and places a heavy emphasis on providing practical intervention strategies in an interesting, easy to read style.

  9. Routledge Library Editions end the year with five new collections

    We’re ending the year on a high, with a wide range of titles publishing under our Routledge Library Editions publishing program. Our latest collections to publish over the last couple of months span a number of different subject areas, appealing to a variety of users.

  10. Kathleen Manning

    Routledge Education Author of the Month, December 2012: Kathleen Manning

    Dr. Manning has experienced student affairs from the perspectives of an administrator and faculty member. Over the past 30 years, she has held a variety of higher education roles. Since 1989, she has served as a professor in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration program at the University of Vermont.

    In the last five years, Dr. Manning has accelerated her interest in international higher education. In 2010, she administered the inaugural voyage of the Student Affairs at Sea program and traveled with that program again in summer 2011. She traveled on three voyages with Semester at Sea. Her travel has brought her to a wide variety of countries in Asia, South America, Europe, and Africa.

    Dr. Kathleen Manning's latest Routledge textbook Organizational Theory in Higher Education, part of the Core Concepts in Higher Education series, published this month.

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