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  1. Sustainability for Healthcare Management

    By Carrie R. Rich, J. Knox Singleton and Seema S. Wadhwa

    This book focuses readers on upstream decision-making in the healthcare delivery setting to think through the implications of our decisions from fiscal, societal and environmental perspectives. The Authors explore leadership priorities, linking them to sustainability, through an imaginary health leader, Fred, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Memorial Hospital, a community hospital based in the United States. Bringing together the key components and concepts of environmentally sustainable healthcare operations, this book will be of great importance to researchers, students and professionals working in health and healthcare management.

  2. Essential Resources for the British Archaeologist

    Whether you are a student taking your first steps into the word of archaeology, an experienced professional, or someone simply interested in digging deeper into the past, we have put together a selection of titles from Routledge that no practicing, aspiring or training British archaeologist should be without.

  3. Transforming Urban Transport (November 2012)

    Drawing together leading scholars from different disciplines in Australia, Japan and China, this book provides a unique fusion of Asian and Australasian perspectives and engages with the coming needs of transportation planning practitioners in both high density and dispersed cities. Complete with a companion website with a wealth of supporting material around the topic, this is essential read for all students and practitioners of transportation planning. Companion website:

    To order a copy of the book click here

  4. 5 minutes with Eric Shapiro and David Mackmin (November 2012)

    Chartered surveyors, and authors of our new Property title, Modern Methods of Valuation (11th Edition), Eric Shapiro and David Mackmin, have taken 5 minutes out of their busy schedules to talk about the books success, challenges of their careers, and some advice for students currently studying real estate.

  5. Low-Carbon Land Transport

    This book provides a guide for transportation policymakers and planners on achieving low-carbon land transportation systems and describes possible measures for reducing emissions. Based on wide ranging research, case studies from developed and developing countries and an overview of policy scenarios, it presents a toolbox for decision-makers with a huge variety of measures which can be tailored to their specific circumstances. This title also addresses the question of how policies can be bundled successfully and integrated in urban transportation decision-making and planning.

  6. Handbook of Disaster Policies and Institutions, Second Edition

    By John Handmer and Stephen Dovers

    This updated and revised second edition includes new coverage of climate change adaptation, which has rapidly become central to disaster and emergency planning and management. This is an essential handbook for practitioners across the world seeking to improve the quality, robustness and capacity of their disaster management mechanisms.

  7. Ecohouse 4th Edition (November 2012)

    'ecohouse is an invaluable and in depth resource for anybody wishing to get to grips with the issues of sustainability and domestic design. If you plan to build homes for the future, you really should be reading this book.' - Oliver Heath, Blustin Heath Design ( review of the 3rd Edition from Amazon)

  8. Congratulations to Iosif Kovras, for winning the 2012 Basil Chubb Prize!

    We are thrilled that Dr Iosif Kovras has been awarded the 2012 Basil Chubb Prize. Awarded annually by the Political Studies Association of Ireland, the prize is given to the best PHD thesis at an Irish university. Dr Kovras completed his thesis, Unearthing the Truth: The Politics of Exhumations in Cyprus and Spain. at Queen's University Belfast, and the judging panel all agreed that it represents and outstanding contribution to political research.

    Based on his award-winning thesis, Kovras's book Truth Recovery and Transitional Justice is due to be published by Routledge in June 2013.

    See full details of the award on the PSAI website.

  9. Energy from the Desert: Fourth Volume

    Edited by Keiichi Komoto, Christian Breyer, Edwin Cunow, Karim Megherbi, David Faiman and Peter van der Vleuten.

    This fourth volume in the established Energy from the Desert series examines and evaluates the potential and feasibility of Very Large Scale Photovoltaic Power Generation (VLS-PV) systems, which have capacities ranging from several megawatts to gigawatts, and to develop practical project proposals toward implementing the VLS-PV systems in the future. It comprehensively analyses all major issues involved in such large scale applications, based on the latest scientific and technological developments by means of close international co-operation with experts from different countries.


  10. What do Republicans have against women voters?

    This is the question asked by Linda Beail in her recent article in the San Diego Union-Tribune, in which she argues that there is a disconnect with women voters in policy and rhetoric, and an absence of women candidates in the presidential race from either party. Read the article here.

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