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  1. Preventing Mental Ill-Health

    Is there any evidence that we can reduce the incidence of mental ill health? Is it possible to prevent recurrence of mental ill health?

    Aspirations to achieve both these goals have featured in mental health policy and practice for over 100 years. This comprehensive and accessible book draws on research on the development and persistence of behavioural problems in childhood, adult depression and schizophrenia.

  2. The Violence of Emotions

    In The Violence of Emotions the author marries an ability to introduce the reader to the intimate climate of an analytic session with a passionate rereading of Bion.

    To emphasize both the empirical nature of psychoanalysis and its extraordinary capacity to engender illuminating hypotheses concerning the functioning of the mind, clinical examples alternate with theoretical argument. The psychoanalytic model espoused by Giuseppe Civitarese in his approach to both is analytic field theory.

  3. book covers for clouds above the kids

    Summary of Clouds above the Hill

  4. clouds above the hill bookcovers


  5. New Books in October 2012

    Read on to browse all of our newly published books in October 2012!

  6. Pacific Identities and Well-Being

    Filling a significant gap in the cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary literature within the field of Pasifika (Polynesian) and Maori identities and mental health, this volume focuses on bridging mental health related research and practice within the indigenous communities of the South Pacific.

  7. World History - “A truly global story”

    In this sweeping survey of world history, Candice Goucher and Linda Walton present a truly global story of human origins from past to present.

  8. 'Political Economy of Human Rights'

    Exclusive Interview with Bastiaan de Gaay Fortman

    Take a look at this exclusive interview by e-IR’s Maysam Behravesh with Bastiaan de Gaay Fortman, author of 'Political Economy of Human Rights'.

    For more information on this, his latest best-selling book, click here.

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    About the Author, Editors and Translators of Clouds above the Hill

  10. A Student’s Dictionary of Psychology

    A Student’s Dictionary of Psychology is an essential reference for all undergraduate psychology students and those studying psychology for the first time, including those in related disciplines such as health care and social science. It provides the reader with clear definitions of key concepts from all areas of psychology.

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