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  1. Errorless Learning and Rehabilitation of Language and Memory Impairments

    This special issue of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation brings together seven newly published studies from a range of invited international researchers in the fields of language and memory disorders and their rehabilitation.

  2. Short-term and Working Memory Impairments in Aphasia

    Research in language processing and language impairment has focused extensively on elements of linguistic representation that are accessed and retrieved in comprehension, repetition and production of words and sentences. These studies have provided important information about the effects of characteristics of words (e.g., frequency, imageability) and sentences (e.g., syntactic and semantic argument structure) on language processing.

  3. Routledge Education Author of the Month, September 2012: Edward St. John

    Edward St. John, Algo D. Henderson Collegiate Professor of Higher Education at the University of Michigan (UM), is concerned with education for a just society, an interest that stems from decades of research on educational policy and practice. At the UM, St. John’s research, service, and writing have focused on the use of state-of-the-art research methods to inform policy and program developments that reduce inequalities in K-20 education. His new textbook Public Policy and Higher Education, part of the Core Concepts in Higher Education series, published this month.

  4. The Bioregional Economy by Molly Scott Cato

    In a world of climate change and declining oil supplies, what is the plan for the provisioning of resources? This book by leading green economist Molly Scott Cato sets out a visionary and yet rigorous account of what a bioregional approach to the economy would mean — and how to get there from here. 

  5. Low-Carbon Energy Controversies

    By Roberts Thomas, Paul Upham, Carly McLachlan, Sarah Mander, Philip Boucher, Clair Gough and Dana Abi Ghanem

    Governments, big business and communities are coming under increased pressure to develop low carbon energy supply technologies. This comprehensive book builds on over ten years of research conducted by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and uses a range of case studies from carbon capture and storage to on-shore wind farms to explore the complex nature of disputes between a wide variety of stakeholder groups.

  6. Analysing Architecture, 4e

    The Simon Unwin Trilogy - a must for any architecture student

    Simon Unwin has helped students learn to think as architects for over three decades. He is Emeritus Professor of Architecture at the University of Dundee, Scotland. Previously he taught architectural design and analysis at the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff University. He has lived in Great Britain and Australia, and taught or lectured on his work in China, Israel, India, Sweden, Turkey, Canada and the United States as well as at other schools in the UK and Europe. Simon Unwin’s books are used in schools of architecture around the world. Analysing Architecture has been translated into Persian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Korean and is currently being translated into Portuguese, Russian and Arabic. He continues to teach at the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff.

    Simon Unwin's five textbooks are aimed at those who wish to understand the workings of architecture. Visit his website here

  7. Equity and Inclusion in Physical Education and Sport

    Equity and Inclusion in Physical Education and Sport - new author video!

    With the Paralympics just over, equity and inclusion are high on the agenda for sports organisations and teaching institutions. Watch and listen as Gary Stidder and Sid Hayes, authors of this exciting new textbook, Equity and Inclusion in Physical Education and Sport, discuss the issues and themes around inclusion of all pupils in the teaching of physical education and sport.

  8. Advanced Theory and Practice in Sport Marketing

    Advanced Theory and Practice in Sport Marketing, companion site live!

    The companion site for the new edition of Advanced Theory and Practice in Sport Marketing is now live! Extensive resources for lecturers and students include glossary, self-testing flashcards, MCQs, exam questions and answers, additional case studies, PPT slides and sample syllabus.

  9. So you want to do archaeology?

    You've seen it on television, or visited heritage sites, and now you think you want to do archaeology for yourself. If this sounds like you, then read Don Henson's step by step guide on what archaeology is, and how to get into it here.

    Don Henson is author of Doing Archaeology published July 18th 2012.

  10. Wiring Regulations in Brief 3rd Edition (August 2012)

    "An excellent publication which will provide a constant reference work for the industry."
    - Paul C Clifford, Green Leader Limited (Review of the previous edition)

    Tired of trawling through the Wiring Regs?
    Perplexed by Part P?
    Confused by cables, conductors and circuits?
    Then look no further! Wiring Regulations in Brief provides an on-the-job reference source for Electricians, Designers, Service Engineers, Inspectors, Builders, Students, DIY enthusiasts

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