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Recent Articles

  1. Author of the Month: Francesca Klug

    It is the 800th year anniversary of the Magna Carta! 

    Francesca Klug, author of A Magna Carta for all humanity, tells us a little about her title.

  2. Relational Freedom

    NEW     Relational Freedom: Emergent Properties of the Interpersonal Field, covers the interpersonal field in clinical psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, especially the emergent qualities of the field. The book builds on the foundation of unformulated experience, dissociation, and enactment defined and explored in Stern’s previous, widely read books.

  3. White Paper: Building Effective Home and Family Care-Giving

    Are you someone's carer? Download a FREE white paper on how to build effective home and family care-giving.

  4. Patterns of Attachment

    Just Published    Ethological attachment theory is a landmark of 20th century social and behavioral sciences theory and research. This new paradigm for understanding primary relationships across the lifespan evolved from John Bowlby’s critique of psychoanalytic drive theory and his own clinical observations, supplemented by his knowledge of fields as diverse as primate ethology, control systems theory, and cognitive psychology.

  5. Upcoming Title: Biodiversity in the Green Economy

    In the past decade, the growing realization that biodiversity and human wellbeing are inextricably linked has led to the adoption of numerous environmental policies. The concept of the Green Economy has gained particular attention as an economic system where growth is possible within environmental limits. This book establishes ways to assess biodiversity’s contributions to the economy and to meaningfully integrate biodiversity concerns in green-economy policies .

  6. World Environment Day is here!

    June 5th is world environment day.  To help get you thinking about what you can do to help make our society more sustainable, we are offering our widely acclaimed book Degrowth at a 20% discount.  Simply use the code "WED15" on our website.  Don't miss out on this one week sale!

  7. Professor Sarah-Jane Leslie Wins 2015 Stanton Prize

    Professor Sarah-Jane Leslie (Princeton), co-Editor of the upcoming Current Controversies in Cognitive Science, has recently won the 2015 Stanton Prize, awarded to a young scholar in philosophy or psychology who has begun making significant contributions to interdisciplinary research. 

  8. Video Resources for ‘Social Semiotics’ Now Available

    The new video resources accompanying Social Semiotics are now available online. These videos feature Theo van Leeuwen, Gunther Kress, Jay Lemke, Christian Matthiessen, and Jim Martin. Simply hit the 'Video Resources' tab on the book's webpage to view now. 

  9. New Books in June 2015

    Read on to browse some of the newest books publishing at Routledge Education this month!

  10. New! Neuropsychology and Language Disorders Catalog 2015

    Psychology Press are delighted to announce their new, upcoming and key Neuropsychology and Language Disorders books. Browse our latest 2015 catalog to find out more.

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