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  1. degrowth rally

    Degrowthers Challenge Supremacy of Economic Growth

    "The degrowth philosophy has attracted a relatively large following in Europe, especially in France where it is known as décroissance. Its advocates view degrowth as the hypothesis that humans can achieve prosperity without economic growth."  Read more @

  2. Family Therapy for Adolescent Eating and Weight Disorders

    NEW    Family-based treatment (FBT) for eating disorders is an outpatient therapy in which parents are utilized as the primary resource in treatment.

  3. Afro-Nordic Landscapes in Swedish Newspaper Article

    Michael McEachrane's thought provoking book recently featured in an article on race and Scandinavia published by Swedish Newspaper DN... Read more...

  4. Routledge-Sponsored ACJS Awards – nominate now!

    With the 2015 ACJS conference still fresh in your mind, why not nominate the papers you thought were outstanding for these two Routledge-sponsored ACJS awards?


  5. Anthony Ellis on BBC Radio 5 Live ‘Men’s Hour’

    Routledge author Dr. Anthony Ellis of Salford University, UK recently featured on the radio program 'Men's Hour' to discuss the relationship between masculinity and violence... Read more...

  6. April is Autism Awareness Month

    In support of Autism Awareness Month and the many professionals, friends, and loved ones caring for individuals on the autism spectrum, Routledge is proud to offer a selection of resources and 20% discount on all orders placed on our websites.

  7. Relational Psychotherapy

    NEW  The new edition of Relational Psychotherapy offers a theory that’s immediately applicable to everyday practice, from opening sessions through intensive engagement to termination.

  8. Managing and Adapting to Global Change in Tourism Places

    Edited by Alan A. Lew

    First published as a special issue of Tourism Geographies, this collection focuses on global change in tourism places.
    Click here to carry on reading >>>

  9. April Subject Focus - Intellectual Property Law

  10. Interview: Pater M. Ward - Housing Policy in Latin American Cities

    Peter M. Ward, author of Housing Policy in Latin American Cities, in this lecture brings up the issue: how does one make room in the existing housing stock? 

    View the Unhabitat interview here.

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