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  1. World History - “A truly global story”

    In this sweeping survey of world history, Candice Goucher and Linda Walton present a truly global story of human origins from past to present.

  2. 'Political Economy of Human Rights'

    Exclusive Interview with Bastiaan de Gaay Fortman

    Take a look at this exclusive interview by e-IR’s Maysam Behravesh with Bastiaan de Gaay Fortman, author of 'Political Economy of Human Rights'.

    For more information on this, his latest best-selling book, click here.

  3. bookcovers

    About the Author, Editors and Translators of Clouds above the Hill

  4. A Student’s Dictionary of Psychology

    A Student’s Dictionary of Psychology is an essential reference for all undergraduate psychology students and those studying psychology for the first time, including those in related disciplines such as health care and social science. It provides the reader with clear definitions of key concepts from all areas of psychology.

  5. The New Psychology of Leadership book jacket

    Psychology Press congratulates the authors of The New Psychology of Leadership!

    We are delighted to announce that The New Psychology of Leadership has won the University of San Diego Outstanding Leadership Book Award 2012! This award is presented annually to books recently published that represent exceptional scholarship, innovative thinking, and significant contribution to the field of leadership.

  6. British Gardens - Sample Pages ( May 2013)

    Take a sneaky peak at the first (uncorrected!) proofs of Tom Turner's new book British Gardens  - due out in April 2013

  7. Hotel Design, Planning and Development 2nd Edition ( October 2012)

    Hotel Design, Planning and Development presents the most significant hotels developed internationally in the last ten years so that you can be well-informed of recent trends.

  8. 'Marketing Without Advertising'

    Cuba’s Commitment to Consumer Choice

    Read what Emilio Morales, co-author of 'Marketing Without Advertising', has to say about the recent hikes in custom duty on informal imports in Cuba in an article by Victoria Burnett in The New York Times.

    Click here for more information on 'Marketing Without Advertising'

  9. 'Innovation In Pricing'

    MIT Sloan Management Review

    Leslie Brokaw, from MIT Sloan Management Review, discusses the article 'Is It Time to Rethink Your Pricing Strategy?' by Andreas Hinterhuber & Stephan Liozu, the authors of 'Innovation in Pricing'  

    Click here for more information on 'Innovation in Pricing'

  10. 'Public Policy beyond the Financial Crisis'

    Public Policy Beyond the Financial Crisis

    Philip Haynes, Professor of Public Policy at the University of Brighton has published his recent ESRC supported research. The research compares how OCED countries are responding to the Financial Crisis and what will be the most important public policy developments in the next decade.

    Click here for more information on Professor Haynes' newly published 'Public Policy beyond the Financial Crisis'

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