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  1. New Title: Smart Specialization - June 28, 2015

    This is the first book on a new policy approach that has been widely adopted in Europe and beyond. It analyses the concept of smart specialization and discuss the need for smart specialization strategies, explains why the approach is new and different from more standard policy processes and explores what are the conditions for successful implementation. 

  2. National PTSD Awareness Day

    June 27th is National PTSD Awareness Day. According to the National Center for PTSD (NCPTSD), PTSD is an anxiety disorder resulting from exposure to a single traumatic event or multiple traumatic events, such as sexual or physical assault, natural or man-made disaster, and war-related combat stress.

    Join Routledge in supporting those suffering from PTSD as well as their loved ones and professionals who are caring for them.

  3. New Title: International Banking for a New Century - June 24, 2015

    This new textbook provides an up-to-date overview of international banking as the second decade of the twenty-first century unfolds. Integrating geo-economic, operational, institutional and regulatory changes in the financial sector, the volume’s methodology incorporates specific case studies and research, combining theory with practical examples to illustrate the impact and consequences of past and present financial crises. 

  4. Criminology

    Explaining Crime and Its Context, 9th Edition
    By Stephen E. Brown, Finn-Aage Esbensen, Gilbert Geis  

    Criminology: Explaining Crime and Its Context, 9th edition, is a highly acclaimed textbook offering a broad perspective on criminological theory. It provides students of criminology and sociology with a thorough exposure to a range of theories, contrasting their logic and assumptions, but also highlighting efforts to integrate and blend these frameworks... Read more...

  5. Policing in America

    8th Edition
    By Larry K. Gaines, Victor E. Kappeler 

    In the field of law enforcement in the United States, it is essential to know the contemporary problems being faced and combine that knowledge with empirical research and theoretical reasoning to arrive at best practices and an understanding of policing... Read more...

  6. Metaethics: A Contemporary Introduction - Out Now

    'Mark van Roojen's new work is now the finest book of its kind...' - Russ Shafer-Landau, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

    Metaethics: A Contemporary Introduction provides a solid foundation in metaethics for advanced undergraduates by introducing a series of puzzles that most metaethical theories address. Read more...

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  7. Steve Redhead launches new YouTube Channel

    Routledge author Steve Redhead has a new YouTube channel where you can find fascinating insights into his work. Click here to check out his recent videos on football and culture.

    To find out more about Steve's upcoming book Football and Accelerated Culture simply click here.

  8. Erroll Southers discusses the Charleston shootings and the ‘T’ word

    After the recent tragic attack on Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, Erroll Southers shares his thoughts on terrorism, race and religion. Click here to read the full blog post on

    For more information on Erroll's book Homegrown Violent Extremism please click here.

  9. Goethe Award for Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Scholarship

    Congratulations to Philip A. Ringstrom, author of A Relational Psychoanalytic Approach to Couples Psychotherapy winner of the 2014 Goethe Award for Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Scholarship presented by the Canadian Psychological Association! 

  10. Contemporary Families

    NEW  “Finally, a book on contemporary families that goes beyond the myth that families still look like Duvall proposed in 1950s. Additionally,Contemporary Families:Translating Research Into Practice is a serious attempt to integrate research and practice, excellently written by clinical and research scholars. Equally valuable for both groups, the book is a must read for beginning and advanced family science and therapy students and scholars.” – Volker Thomas, PhD, Professor and Coordinator, Director of Couple and Family Therapy Program, The University of Iowa

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