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  1. Social and Motivational Compensatory Mechanisms for Age-Related Cognitive Decline

    Although many aspects of fluid cognition decline with advancing age, simple observation in the wild suggests that older adults, generally speaking, do very well in their day-to-day life. The study of the orchestration of cognitive, social, and motivational compensatory mechanisms in the service of effective and healthy aging provides a meaningful challenge to traditional ways of examining developmental changes in cognitive performance.

  2. The Psychology of Conservatism reissues this November!

    Routledge Revivals are delighted to announce the upcoming reissue of The Psychology of Conservatism. Glenn Wilson, the book's author, and Visiting Professor of Psychology at Gresham College, London, discusses the book's reissue.

  3. The No-Growth Imperative by Gabor Zovanyi

    More than two decades of mounting evidence confirms that the existing scale of the human enterprise has surpassed global ecological limits to growth. Based on such limits, The No-Growth Imperative discounts current efforts to maintain growth through eco-efficiency initiatives and smart-growth programs, and argues that growth is inherently unsustainable and that the true nature of the challenge confronting us now is one of replacing the current growth imperative with a no-growth imperative.

  4. Transforming Urban Transport by Nicholas Low

    Transforming Urban Transport confronts head-on the dilemma faced by a world wedded to mobility: the danger of continuing along the fossil-fueled path and the real paucity of viable technological alternatives which can be deployed in time. To respond to the dilemma, the ideal of urban transportation must be changed from auto-based mobility to systems of sustainable transportation in which public transportation, and non-motorised transportation work together to reduce climate change pressures, enhance urban quality and preserve life and health.

  5. New Books in August 2012

    Read on to browse all of our newly published books in August 2012!

  6. Now available! New edition of Africa South of the Sahara

    A review of the  third edition of Africa South of the Sahara, by Robert Stock, published in February 2013.

  7. Field Sampling for Environmental Science and Management by Richard Webster and Murray Lark

    Scientists and consultants need to estimate and map properties of the terrestrial environment. These include plant nutrients and parasites in soil, gaseous emissions from soil, pollutant metals and xenobiotics in waste and contaminated land, salt in groundwater and species abundances above ground. This book provides that guidance, backed by sound rationale and statistical theory. It concentrates on design-based sampling for estimates of mean values of environmental properties, emphasizing replication and randomization.

  8. Adaptive Collaborative Approaches in Natural Resource Governance

    by Hemant Ojha, Andy Hall, Rasheed Sulaiman V

    The purpose of this book is to showcase a range of approaches that consider learning and collaboration as central processes in agriculture and natural resources governance and management. These include four related and overlapping adaptive collaborative approaches – Adaptive Collaborative Management, Participatory Action Research, Social Learning and Innovation Systems. Despite these being generated in different institutional domains with somewhat diverse epistemological and policy orientations, the authors show that there are common themes among these approaches.

  9. Understanding Staff Development reissues this November

    This November Routledge Reference reissues Understanding Staff Development, by Graham Webb, under its Routledge Revivals program. Understanding Staff Development is a further addition to the extensive range of education-focussed Routledge Reference titles.

  10. Authors of Dynamic Landscape are part of the design team for the Olympic 2012 Park Gardens

    Professors James Hitchmough and Nigel Dunnett of the Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield were appointed in 2008 as principal horticultural and planting design consultants for the Olympic Park, working with LDA/Hargreaves.

    The 2012 gardens in the London Olympic Park are a spectacular celebration of contemporary horticulture and planting design, comprising half a mile of naturalistic perennial plantings. While the main focus in the Olympic Park as a whole is on native biodiversity and ecological approaches, the 2012 gardens explore the horticultural diversity of British gardens and take visitors on a tour of the biodiversity hotspots of the world that have been the major source of plants for UK gardeners over the past 600 years.

    (extract taken from Nigel Dunnett's website - to read it in full click here)

    Click here for more information about their bestselling book Dynamic Landscape,

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