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  1. How to Stop Bullying in Classrooms and Schools

    Books to Tackle Bullying

    With news reports continuously growing over bullying threats in schools, online and in the workplace, what can we do make a difference? Take a look!

  2. United Nations Climate Change Conference 2013

    Monday the 11th of November 2013 saw the start of the United Nations Climate change conference in Warsaw, Poland.

    During the two week-long conference, World leaders will meet to agree a framework creating a legally binding treaty that will come into force by 2020.

  3. FACULTI interviews Seán McConville - Irish Political Prisoners 1920-1962

    The second part of a trilogy, Seán McConville’s long-awaited Irish Political Prisoners, 1920-1962 (Routledge, 21st November 2013) is based on years of research, and draws on a vast range of archival material as well as a number of interviews with survivors.

    To hear the author discussing his book with FACULTI click here

  4. Organizational Climate and Culture

    The fields of organizational climate and organizational culture have co-existed for several decades with very little integration between the two. In Organizational Climate and Culture: An Introduction to Theory, Research, and Practice, Mark G. Ehrhart, Benjamin Schneider, and William H. Macey break down the barriers between these fields to encourage a broader understanding of how an organization’s environment affects its functioning and performance.  

  5. Sunburnt Cities

    Sunburnt Cities: Justin B. Hollander Suggests Cities Make Lemonade

    Justin Hollander, author of Sunburnt Cities, has conducted significant research on urban shrinkage in the Rust and Sun Belts. He views this changing front with an optimistic eye. Hollander believes that urban growth at all costs can be unproductive, and the resulting long-term overhauls can be worth a massive demolition.

  6. Cupid’s Knife: Women’s Anger and Agency in Violent Relationships

    Cupid's Knife: Women's Anger and Agency in Violent Relationships jumpstarts a provocative conversation about how female aggression can be repurposed as a catalyst for social change. It will be essential reading for psychoanalysts, psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, criminologists, students and the lay reader with an interest in clinical treatment, interpersonal psychoanalysis, domestic violence, gender roles, dissociation and aggression. 

  7. Statistical Power Analysis for the Social and Behavioral Sciences

    This is the first book to demonstrate the application of power analysis to the newer more advanced statistical techniques that are increasingly used in the social and behavioral sciences. Both basic and advanced designs are covered. Readers are shown how to apply power analysis to techniques such as hierarchical linear modeling, meta-analysis, and structural equation modeling. 

  8. “What is creativity’s actual role in contemporary British life?”

    Author of Cultural Policy, Dr Dave O'Brien has written an article on creative workers and traditional labor power for the Guardian's Culture Professionals network site!

    You can also meet the author at the book launch of Cultural Policy: Management, Value and Modernity in the Creative Industries in London.

  9. Development Studies Association (DSA) 2013 Conference

    The DSA Annual Conference 2013 is taking place on Saturday 16th November 2013, at the University of Birmingham, UK.

    Visit the Routledge stand to browse our latest publications, and save 20% on all exhibited titles.

    For more details on this year's conference, please visit

  10. New Edition: The Psychology of Language: From Data to Theory

    The fully revised 4th edition of this best-selling textbook provides an up-to-date and comprehensive introduction to the psychology of language for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students. It contains everything the student needs to know about how we acquire, understand, produce, and store language. Instructors: request your complimentary exam copy now.

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