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  1. Observing Children in Their Natural Worlds: A Methodological Primer, Third Edition

    This book shows readers how to conduct observational methods, research tools used to describe and explain behaviors as they unfold in everyday settings. The book now uses both an evolutionary and a cultural perspective. The methods presented are drawn from psychology, education, family studies, sociology, and anthropology, but the author's primary focus is on children in school, family, and social settings.

  2. Snapshots of Great Leadership

    This is a great book describing leaders (both good and bad) who either have accomplished amazing feats or who brought destruction or death to scores of people. Although the goals of these individuals were oftentimes quite different, the leadership processes they used were frequently similar.

  3. The Power of Writing in Organizations: From Letters to Online Interactions

    This book demonstrates the power of writing in informal and formal organizations in the past and the present. It shows how writing, despite long lasting criticisms that can be traced back to Plato, and in spite of its frequent definition as a mere recording medium is in fact a creative mode of communication that supports the expression of emotions, the developing knowledge, and the building of strong communities among faraway individuals.

  4. Tower and Slab has won the annual International Planning History Book Prize

    Congratulations to Florian Urban. 

    Tower and Slab has won the annual International Planning History Book Prize "for the most innovative book in planning history written in English and based on new research".

  5. August Focus: Teaching and Teacher Education

  6. New Research and Scholarly Titles: August 2012

    Routledge Education are pleased to bring you details of our new research and scholarly titles publishing in August 2012. This month’s selection includes titles in the following subject areas: higher education, teacher education, distance learning, classroom practice and education research.

    To find out more information about all of our Education titles, please browse our online catalogs here.

  7. Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change

    By Jessica Ayers, Hannah Reid, Lisa Schipper, Saleemul Huq, Atiq Rahman

    As climate change adaptation rises up the international policy agenda, matched by increasing funds and frameworks for action, there are mounting questions over how effective adaptation can be designed and implemented and of what ‘good’ adaptation looks like. This book presents chapters by prominent adaptation and development theorists and practitioners, which address these challenging questions. 

  8. Environmental Policy in the EU by Andrew Jordan, Andrew Jordan, Camilla Adelle, Camilla Adelle

    The European Union (EU) has a hugely important effect on the way in which environmental policies are framed and implemented in many different parts of the world, but especially Europe. The new and comprehensively revised edition of this well-known textbook provides a state-of-the-art analysis of all the EU’s environmental policies.

  9. Only One Earth By Felix Dodds, Michael Strauss, Maurice F. Strong

    Forty years after the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm, the goal of sustainable development continues via the Rio+20 conference in 2012. This book will enable a broad readership to understand what has been achieved in the past forty years and what hasn’t.

  10. E-Waste Management by Klaus Hieronymi, Ramzy Kahhat, Eric Williams

    The landscape of electronic waste, e-waste, management is changing dramatically. Besides a rapidly increasing world population, globalization is driving the demand for products, resulting in rising prices for many materials. Absolute scarcity looms for some special resources such as indium. Used electronic products and recyclable materials are increasingly crisscrossing the globe. This is creating both - opportunities and challenges for e-waste management.
    This focuses on the current and future trends, technologies and regulations for reusable and recyclable e-waste worldwide

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