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Articles, News, Promotions and Updates from Routledge and the Taylor & Francis Group.

Recent Articles

  1. Recently Reissued: The Pleasures of the Imagination

    Widely praised on first release, John Brewer's The Pleasures of the Imagination: English Culture in the Eighteenth Century has recently been reissued by Routledge. From the garrets of Grub Street to the stages of Covent Garden, the book charts the growth of a literary and artistic world fostered by publishers, theatrical and musical impresarios, picture dealers and auctioneers, and presented to the public in coffee-houses, concert halls, libraries, theatres and pleasure gardens.

    Click here to be transported!

  2. Out Now - Memorylands: Heritage and Identity in Europe Today

    Routledge is pleased to announce the publication of Memorylands, an original and fascinating investigation into the nature of heritage from renowned scholar and author Sharon Macdonald


  3. New from Research in Museum Studies: Museum Communication and Social Media

    Now more than ever social media platforms are affecting how cultural consumers interact with the world around them. This penetrating new study edited by Kirsten Drotner and Kim Christian Schroder examines how such recent developments have transformed the museum experience for connected visitors and what the future might hold. 


  4. Review of Roman Elections in the Age of Cicero in BMCR

    Routledge is pleased to announce a new review of Roman Elections in the Age of Cicero in the Bryn Mawr Classical Review


  5. North and South Korea

    Focus on: Korea

    Korea is currently experiencing significant transformations. Routledge Asian Studies has a multitude of books focusing on different topics- from the role of digital information and communications technology in South Korea’s development to the issue of nuclear deterrence to the Six Party Talks of 2003.

    We are proud to showcase the latest interdisciplinary research on North and South Korea in our Routledge Advances in Korean Studies series. Why not take a look?

  6. The Scientific Study of Social Behaviour (Psychology Revivals)

    Originally published in 1957, this book presented an up-to-date account of psychological research into human social behavior of the time. There are chapters on interaction between pairs of people, behavior in small social groups, and human relations in industry.

  7. Psychology and Social Problems (Psychology Revivals)

    First published in 1964, Psychology and Social Problems looks at a changing society and research into problems of the time. Many of the themes in the book, such as delinquency, mental health and racial conflict, are still familiar and current topics of discussion today.

  8. Cooperation: The basis of sociability (Psychology Revivals)

    In this book, originally published in 1991, the author showed he was critical of earlier approaches, and put forward a new and extended understanding of what cooperation consists of, showing the form it took in different relationships and its origins in evolution and socialisation

  9. Bizarre Behaviours (Psychology Revivals)

    Originally published in 1990, this very accessible and readable book will interest not only all those who have to deal with bizarre behavior in the course of their work, but also the general reader who is interested in the origins and the infinite variety of human behaviours.

  10. World Heritage Day 2013

    World Heritage Day is a celebration of cultural heritage and an opportunity to raise awareness of the need for protection and conservation of historically and culturally significant sites and collections. With this in mind we have assembled a selection of titles for you to browse.

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