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  1. Core Competencies in Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy

    This book addresses the essential clinical competencies required to conduct brief dynamic therapy. Authors Jeffrey L. Binder and Ephi J. Betan discuss the conceptual foundation of their treatment model, and the application of this framework in forming and maintaining a therapeutic alliance, assessment, case formulation, implementing a treatment plan, termination, and treatment evaluation.

  2. Pathologies of the Mind/Body Interface

    In Pathologies of the Mind/Body Interface, Richard Kradin, a medical internist, pulmonologist, and psychoanalyst at a large Harvard hospital, examines the historical, philosophical, cultural, psychological, and neurobiological factors that contribute to the development of psychosomatic disorders. He focuses on the role that developmental stress and attachment disorders appear to play in increasing the risk of developing psychosomatic symptoms, and advises medical practitioners and psychologists on how to diagnose and treat them.

  3. Civil War America: A Social and Cultural History with Primary Sources

    "Civil War America offers readers a remarkably insightful and comprehensive collection of essays on the social and cultural history of the home front and the battlefield. Students and professors alike will find the essays accessible and substantive, perfect for sparking classroom discussions of this vital era." Jonathan D. Wells, author of A House Divided (Routledge)

    Civil War America reveals how Americans, both Northern and Southern, lived during the Civil War—the ways they worked, expressed themselves artistically, organized their family lives, treated illness, and worshipped. Complemented by a dedicated companion website Civil War America uncover seismic shifts in the cultural and social landscape of the United States, providing the perfect addition to any course on the Civil War. Read more here.

  4. Irish Civilization: An Introduction - Arthur Aughey, John Oakland

    "A comprehensive well-written academic guidebook to Ireland’s past and present" - Dr Ivan Gibbons, St Mary’s University College, UK

    Irish Civilization is the perfect background to Ireland until 1921 and the development of Ireland and Northern Ireland since 1921. Authored by Arthur Aughey, a well respected figure in the field of Irish politics and John Oakland a prominent author in civilization studies, this book is a vital introduction to the complex history of Ireland.

    An essential resource for students of Irish Studies and general readers alike. Course leaders may request their complimentary exam copy by clicking here.


  5. Essential Reading - History Reading Lists

    Visit our History Reading Lists page to browse essential books and discover journal articles for your area of study.

    Disciplines covered include:

    • African History
    • Medieval and Early Modern European History
    • History and Theory
    • Modern European History
    • Gender, Identity Religion, Race

    and much more.

  6. Review in Choice: Race, Social Science and the Crisis of Manhood, 1890-1970

    We've recieved a great review in Choice.Reviews Online for Malinda Alaine Lindquist's Race, Social Science and the Crisis of Manhood 1890-1970 which you can read here. The books comes as recommended and here's a snippet of what they had to say.

    "The book's strength exists in its author's extensive knowledge of African American intellectual history and familiarity with social scientific studies concerning African Americans." - Choice

    You can also view inside the book to see extracts and a table of contents - Click here

  7. Routledge Worlds Catalog

    Click here to view the Routledge Worlds catalog, featuring The Sumerian World and The Etruscan World.

    The Routledge Worlds are magisterial surveys of key historical epochs, edited and written by world-renowned experts. Giving unprecedented breadth and depth of coverage, they are the works against which all future books on their subjects will be judged and are essential reading for anyone with a serious interest in the subject.

  8. Principles of Research in Behavioral Science: Third Edition

    Intended for beginning graduate or advanced undergraduate students, this book provides a comprehensive review of research methods used in psychology and related disciplines. It covers topics that are oftentimes omitted in other texts including correlational and qualitative research and integrative literature reviews.

  9. The Child Survivor

    The Child Survivor is a clinically rich, comprehensive overview of the treatment of children and adolescents who have developed dissociative symptoms in response to ongoing developmental trauma. Joyanna Silberg, a widely respected authority in the field, uses case examples to illustrate hard-to-manage clinical dilemmas such as children presenting with rage reactions, amnesia, and dissociative shut-down.

  10. Citizenship and Environmental Education: Upcoming Events in October

    In a time of significant political, social, educational and economic change - why and how should we rethink citizenship and environmental education?

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