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Recent Articles

  1. EU Competition Law and the Financial Services Sector

    Competition law is a complex and constantly evolving area of law which affects every aspect of the market economy, including the financial services sector.  This book is a comprehensive and practical guide to the application of the EU competition rules to banking and insurance industries.

  2. Journalism Studies Catalogue

    Browse through our latest Journalism Studies Catalog - Available Online

    We are delighted to showcase our new and key titles in journalism and journalism studies, from Routledge and Focal Press, in our latest online catalog. You can now browse through the catalog at

  3. Radio’s New Wave: Global Sound in the Digital Era

    Extending and updating the focus of their widely acclaimed 2001 book The Radio Reader, Hilmes and Loviglio gather together innovative work by both established and rising scholars to explore the ways that radio has transformed in the digital environment. Click the article header to read the reviews.

  4. Textbook - Bereavement Care for Childbearing Women and their Families

    For many bereaved parents, the care provided by health professionals at birth has a crucial effect on their response to a death. This interactive workbook is clearly applied to practice and is designed to help practitioners deliver effective care to women, and their partners and families, who have experienced childbirth-related bereavement.

    Written by two highly educated and experienced midwifery lecturers, this practical and evidence-based workbook is a valuable resource for all midwives, neonatal nurses and support workers who work with women in the perinatal period. Instructors teaching relevant courses can request a complimentary exam copy.

  5. Check Out Our New Books from Psychology Press and Routledge July-September 2013 Online Catalog!

    We have put together this online catalog filled with the latest psychology books published by Psychology Press, Routledge and Guilford Press.

  6. Routledge Major Works Series - Critical Concepts in the Environment

    The Critical Concepts in the Environment series is edited and introduced by key figures in the field, meeting the need for up to date scholarship in a range of critical areas of study. With a rich backlist of popular titles in areas of major environmental research the series is expanding with two new titles - they are:  

    Each collection in the series collates key research and scholarship, providing users with historical context, as well as a thorough overview of current issues and debates.

    Why not recommend these collections to your Library today

  7. Routledge Major Works: 2013 Special Introductory Price Offers

    Discount Offers
    Here are the 2 multivolume titles from the Critical Concepts in Urban Studies Series up for grabs at a discounted rate. Why not recommend to your Library today!

    Just click the book titles below to find out more...
    Urban Design and Urban Theory.

    (This offer will be valid for 3 months upon publication)

  8. Routledge Library Editions: Tourism

    This set re-issues 5 volumes originally published between 1985 and 1994. They focus on:

    • the impact of environmental issues on tourism management
    • tourism demand and forecasting
    • the key methods of operation of companies within the industry
    • the functional areas of marketing, finance, organization and staffing
    • research and innovation
    • corporate strategy.

    Multi-disciplinary and international in its coverage (with particular emphasis on Europe) this collection will be of interest to students and libraries in the areas of geography, tourism, and marketing.
    To recommend to your librarian click here
    Previously 'Out of Print' Now Available as a Complete Set or as Individual Volumes!

  9. New Handbooks in Tourism, Hospitality and Events

    With hundreds of handbooks to choose from in our Tourism, Hospitality and Events list you will be hard pressed not to find something suitable for your area of study.
    We are proud to announce there are 5 new handbooks publishing this year. This collection continues to provide a wealth of important reference sources in one place, from a wide range of experts in the field. For more information on other Handbooks in this area click here.

    Why not recommend to your Library today!

  10. Coming soon: Environmental Security

    Read editor Rita Floyd's book preview of Environmental Security: Approaches and Issues.

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