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James Curran, Author of the Month, February 2010

James Curran and Jean Seaton's recently published 7th edition of Power Without Responsibility is the seminal book on the history and current state of the British media. It is now fully updated to include all the recent developments in media theory and practice.

James Curran is Professor of Communications at Goldsmiths University, London. He has also held endowed visiting chairs at Penn, Stanford, Stockholm and Oslo Universities.
He has written or edited eighteen books about the mass media, some in conjunction with others, including the renowned Power Without Responsibility. His work is in four main areas - media political economy, media influence, media history and media theory. He was a member of the Annenberg Press Commission, USA and is currently the UK representative on the European Commission committee promoting research on broadcasting in central and Eastern Europe. He has given numerous public lectures and keynote addresses to conferences, most recently in Beijing, Brasilia, Dublin, London, Philadelphia and Tokyo.

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