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Just Released: Strategic Survey 2012

The major upheavals and economic uncertainty of 2012 has ensured that the launch of the International Institute of Strategic Studies annual title Strategic Survey has been eagerly awaited. Held at the IISS headquarters in London, the event included an expert discussion panel answering questions on key current topics, such as the eurozone crisis and Iran's nuclear program. You can watch the entire launch online here.

Interested in learning more about the Strategic Survey 2012 and the IISS? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to let you know a little more about the history, aims and activities of the Institute and fill you in on this year’s updates.

What is the Strategic Survey?

The annual review of world affairs from the IISS, the Strategic Survey provides essential analysis of the year’s key events for government policy makers, journalists, business leaders and academics. Described by Editor Alexander Nicoll as ‘the first draft of history’ (read the full blog post here) the Survey takes an overview of the events of the preceding twelve months to answer some key questions. What is important and what is not? What trends can be discerned?

The Survey covers all the events and themes of the year in seven regional chapters: The Americas, Europe, Russia & Eurasia, Middle East/Gulf, Africa and South Asia & Afghanistan. The volume also includes an introductory section entitled ‘Events at a Glance’, special essays on important policy issues and a Strategic Geography section.

Who are the IISS?

Founded in 1958 the IISS is a world leading authority on global security, political risk and military content. Independent of government and other bodies, its mission is to promote the adoption of sound policies to further global peace and security and maintain civilised international relations.

Central to IISS activities is the delivery of impartial, rigorous research and analysis. In addition to the Strategic Survey its publications include: The Military Balance, the definitive reference source on the world’s armed forces; the Adelphi Series, focusing on general strategic issues; and the International Relations journal, Survival.

What are the new additions to the Survey for 2012?

In an uncertain year dominated by transitions – shifting of relations in the Arab world, leadership changes in China and Russia and the continuing economic problems in Europe – the 2012 edition of the Survey provides an essential role by setting out all internationally significant events in a broad strategic context.

This edition includes essays examining strategic policy issues such as economic sanctions in Iran and the implications of the cyber world for intelligence agencies; issues of relevance to a particular area such as the upcoming US elections and internal friction in Pakistan are covered in detail in the regional chapters. Key themes of the year are also picked out in a Strategic Geography section that provides vital data in map form on the rise of Asia, the civil war in Syria and America's campaign of drone strikes.

Would you like to know more about the Strategic Survey? Visit the books’ webpage here, or check out the IISS flyer for further information on contents, reviews and ordering details.

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