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Launch of Routledge Library Editions: Education

“It was a long pregnancy, and an even longer labor...but RLE: Education finally delivered on time”

So said Frances Parkes, editor of our recently published 244-volume Routledge Library Editions: Education collection.

December finally marked the publication of our 244-volume Routledge Library Editions: Education collection, a project that has taken 10 people over 15 months to complete.

Global in its coverage, and catholic in scope, the collection covers essential issues of the educational landscape. An exciting multi-volume set reissue, Routledge Library Editions: Education provides an unparalleled opportunity to purchase books by some of the leading educationalists, teaching professionals and policy makers of the twentieth century. Covering such diverse themes as Comparative Education, Curriculum Theory, Language and Literacy, Multi-cultural Education, and Inclusion, the collection can be purchased in its entirety as a multi-volume set, by sub-disciplinary mini-set, or individually, in both print and e-Book format.

Respendent in all of its blue glory (see image), its completion and displaying in its entirety behind some very relieved production staff members, called for a blue themed party where everyone involved in its publication could come together to celebrate. Cue the excited munching of blue themed cakes, cookies and other delicacies, while much blue attire was sported. The mood, however, was decidedly un-blue!

Routledge Library Editions: Education key facts and figures:

  • 244 volumes
  • 57,080 pages in total (spare a thought for Frances who proof-read the entire text)
  • 15 mini-sets within the collection
  • 48 volumes in the largest mini-set: Education Mini-Set L: Sociology of Education
  • 15 months from start to completion of the publication process

After all that we're looking forward to a well-earned festive break before we commence 2012's big projects. Wishing you all a wonderfully relaxing festive season... now where did that mince pie go?

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