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Media Book of the Month, February 2010

Harold Veeser is Associate Professor of English at The City College of New York and written a new biography on Edward Said - The Charisma of Criticism. He is also co-author of Painting Between the Lines (2001), and editor of The New Historicism (1989), The New Historicism Reader (1994), Confessions of the Critics (1996), and The Stanley Fish Reader (1999). He has written for The Nation and various academic quarterlies, including The Journal of Armenian Studies, Ararat, and Armenian Forum.

In this insightful critical biography, Harold Veeser draws the connections between Said’s life, politics, and criticism. These three areas, Veeser shows, are united in the central theme of Said’s persona: charisma. This drive for charisma leads Said ‘between worlds’ from his childhood as ‘A Christian wrapped in Muslim culture’ in Jerusalem to a prestigious Ivy League academic career to a colorful political career that thrust him into a circle of international figures, diplomats, legendary generals, presidents, and outright terrorists and thugs—Arab and Israeli alike. In all arenas, Said fought for personality, originality, and the marvelous against anonymity, routine, and impersonal method. This book includes previously unpublished biographical and political facts, interviews, anecdotes—as well as never-before-transcribed correspondence and conversations.

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