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New Books by Tim Ingold Now Available

Being Alive

2011 has been an exciting year for Routledge Anthropology books with the publication of not one, but two Tim Ingold books.

Reissued with a brand new preface, The Perception of the Environment is essential reading not only for anthropologists but also for biologists, psychologists, archaeologists, geographers and philosophers. The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute have called it 'a formidable work in terms of its intellectual breadth...its sheer volume...and methodical consistency and clarity.'

Building on this classic work comes Being Alive. Ranging over such themes as the vitality of materials, what it means to make things, the perception and formation of the ground, the mingling of earth and sky in the weather-world, the experiences of light, sound and feeling, the role of storytelling in the integration of knowledge, and the potential of drawing to unite observation and description, Tim Ingold sets out to restore life to where it should belong, at the heart of the anthropological concern.


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  1. Being Alive

    Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description

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    Anthropology is a disciplined inquiry into the conditions and potentials of human life. Generations of theorists, however, have expunged life from their accounts, treating it as the mere output of patterns, codes, structures or systems variously defined as genetic or cultural, natural or social....

    Published April 19th 2011 by Routledge

  2. The Perception of the Environment

    Essays on Livelihood, Dwelling and Skill

    By Tim Ingold

    In this work Tim Ingold offers a persuasive approach to understanding how human beings perceive their surroundings. He argues that what we are used to calling cultural variation consists, in the first place, of variations in skill. Neither innate nor acquired, skills are grown, incorporated into...

    Published March 31st 2011 by Routledge