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New Classical Studies Book, February 2010

Aspects of Greek History 750–323BC, Second Edition

Aspects of Greek History 750–323BC: A Source-Based Approach, is now available in a second edition!

An essential text for every classical studies student, Aspects of Greek History 750- 323 BC is a chronological history of Ancient Greece from the period of colonization to the age of Alexander the Great. What sets this historical treatment apart from the rest is its emphasis on using and interpreting available primary and secondary sources. In so doing, the student learns both the history of of the central period of Ancient Greece and an invaluable approach to studying history.

The second edition expands the range of sources; analyzes primary literary sources including: Thucydides, Herodotus, Xenophon, Plutarch, Diodorus, and Aristotle; and contains maps, a glossary of Greek terms, and a bibliography.

Simultaneously, Aspects of Greek History 750- 323 BC is an illuminating treatment of Greek history and a lesson in historiography.

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