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New: Critical Education – a 4-volume Major Work

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Challenging and complex questions around inequality and power have persisted within modern systems of education since their inception. In the last four or five decades, the vibrant field of critical education has developed and grown in response to such issues. Critical Education, a new 4-volume Major Work in the Routledge Major Themes in Education series, meets the need for an authoritative reference work to enable users to map and make sense of critical approaches to education.

The volumes focus on historical antecedents in the field, as well as foundational texts that braked new ground in their time. They address crucial controversies, bring together some of the sharpest and most insightful pieces of contemporary critical education scholarship, and point towards significant new directions in the field. Volumes cover:

  • I: Historical Roots and Antecedents
  • II: The Debate Over Reproduction
  • III: Expanding the Analyses of Power
  • IV: Shifting Terrains and a Progressive Politics of Policy and Practice

Visit the Major Work's record to see the full Contents.

Supplemented with a full index plus general and volume introductions newly written by the editors, Critical Education is certain to be appreciated by scholars, students, and researchers as a vital reference and pedagogic resource.

Critical Education is published in July 2014. Recommend Critical Education to your librarian here.

Critical Education is edited by Michael W. Apple, University of Wisconsin, and Wayne Au, University of Washington. See below for more books by Apple and Au.

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