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Recent Articles

  1. Out Now: Routledge Library Editions Politics of Islam

    Routledge Library Editions: Politics of Islam brings together as one set, or individual volumes, a series of previously out-of-print classics from a variety of academic imprints. With titles ranging from Arabic Thought and Islamic Societies, to Islamic Law: Social and Historical Contexts, this set provides in one place a wealth of important reference sources from a wide range of authors expert in the field.


    Browse the whole collection here

  2. Spotlight on Jeffrey H. Dorfman

    The Agricultural and Applied Economics Association highlights the celebrated career of Jeffrey H. Dorfman, author of Economics and Management of the Food Industry. Take a look here!

  3. Environmental Economics and Natural Resource Management: 4th Edition

    20% off Routledge Explorations in Environmental Economics for a Limited Time Only

    Ever since Routledge Explorations in Environmental Economics was established in 2001, it has led its field in research. Besides its focus of environmental economics, it also highlights natural resources, ecological economics, environmental studies, and environmental science. It explores issues including energy, permit trading, valuation, taxation, and climate change. Nick Hanley, of the University of Stirling, edits this series.

  4. Routledge Education Author of the Month October 2013: Samuel D. Museus

    Samuel D. Museus is an Associate Professor of Higher Education in the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver. His most recent title, Asian American Students in Higher Education, will be published by Routledge in November. 

  5. From Organisation to Decoration: An Interiors Reader

    Edited by Graeme Brooker and Sally Stone

    The field of interiors is a rich and diverse subject. To understand the character of the interior space is to understand the society that created it, for it is the interior, more than any other element of civilization that is lived in.

  6. Race and Ethnicity

    20% off Race and Ethnicity in Sport Titles

    Race and ethnicity is in sport is still an area that is highly researched by scholars who are trying to pinpoint what effect it still has in the sporting world and how it shapes the sporting community. Below are just a handful of the books we have on race and ethnicity in sport, which cover a range of issues such as its impact on sport management, coaching, how it influences sport policy to fan culture.

  7. Carin Martiin, Photo by Jakob Martiin

    The World of Agricultural Economics

    Carin Martiin, author of The World of Agricultural Economics, speaks about the current problems in the agriculture industry and how her book will tackle those issues. She also delves into her own personal inspiration behind writing the book and the benefits of reading her text.

  8. Creating a Psychoanalytic Mind

    Bringing a fresh contemporary Freudian view to a number of current issues in psychoanalysis, this book is about a psychoanalytic method that has been evolved by Fred Busch over the past 40 years called Creating a Psychoanalytic Mind. It is based on the essential curative process basic to most psychoanalytic theories - the need for a shift in the patient's relationship with their own mind. Busch shows that with the development of a psychoanalytic mind the patient can acquire the capacity to shift the inevitability of action to the possibility of reflection. 

  9. A Suggestion for Improving Public Transport Investments in Developing Countries

    We are pleased to present a new Earthscan from Routledge blog post written by Eric Christian Bruun, author of Better Public Transit Systems.

    With a new entry every fortnight, blog posts written by various Earthscan from Routledge authors will be displayed both on the Routledge website and on the Earthscan from Routledge Facebook page. Each post within Facebook will be open to comments so please feel free to voice your thoughts!

  10. Routledge Revivals Release a 12 Volume Anthropology Bundle

    Take advantage of our 10% Discount offer!

    ‘Capitalising on a rich and diverse backlist that encompasses’ many distinguished authors Routledge Revivals release a 12 Volume Anthropology Bundle.

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