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Recent Articles

  1. Routledge celebrates teachers on World Teachers’ Day!

    At Routledge, we are passionate about education and in celebration of World Teachers' Day, we are offering a 20% discount off all our books from 10/4/2013 to 10/7/2013 . Use discount code KRK94 when placing a book order direct from Routledge at

  2. Lacan, Discourse, Event

    Lacan, Discourse, Event: New Psychoanalytic Approaches to Textual Indeterminacy is an introduction to the emerging field of Lacanian Discourse Analysis. It includes key papers that lay the foundations for this research, and worked examples from analysts working with a range of different texts.

  3. Somatic Cinema

    Luke Hockley draws on the insights of phenomenological and Jungian film theory and applies them alongside more established psychoanalytic approaches. The result is to combine the idea of affective bodily experience with unconscious processes as a means to explore a new ontology of the cinema. The emphasis is therefore shifted from pure intellectual insight to greater inclusion of personally constructed meanings and experiences. Several key concepts are developed and explored throughout the book.

  4. NEW! The Sense of Hearing, Second Edition

    Check out the new edition of The Sense of Hearing by Christopher J. Plack!

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  5. Routledge re-issues Neill of Summerhill

    First published in 1983, this book sympathetically but critically explores the ideas and personality of A. S. Neill, one of the most controversial child education figures of the twentieth century and founder of Summerhill school.

  6. Managed Lives

    An inherent tension exists in the history of psychoanalysis and its applications between the concepts of freedom and security. In Managed Lives, this tension is explored from the point of view of therapeutic experience. Set against the background of Freud’s contested legacy, the book examines ways of managing oneself under psychiatric supervision, in the analytic encounter and in the emotional and moral contexts of everyday life.

  7. The French Revolution: Faith, Desire and Politics

    In The French Revolution author Noah Shusterman explores the issues of religion and sexuality that occupied the minds and helped shape the actions of women and men during this time of radical change; from the pornographic pamphlets about Marie-Antoinette to the puritanical morality of revolutionary leader Maximilien Robespierre, the revolutionary catechisms that children learned and to the anathemas hurled on the Revolution from clandestine priests in the countryside. Read more

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  8. A Global History of the Developing World

    Encompassing Asia, Latin America and Africa, A Global History of the Developing World centralizes the struggle for self-determination in an attempt to understand how the current nation-states have been formed and what their future may hold. Christopher M. White presents a wide-ranging study of the major themes in studies of the developing world, including slavery, imperialism, religion, free and fair trade, democratization and economic development.

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  9. Traumatic Narcissism

    In this volume, Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation, Daniel Shaw presents a way of understanding the traumatic impact of narcissism as it is engendered developmentally, and as it is enacted relationally. Focusing on the dynamics of narcissism in interpersonal relations, Shaw describes the relational system of what he terms the 'traumatizing narcissist' as a system of subjugation – the objectification of one person in a relationship as the means of enforcing the dominance of the subjectivity of the other. 

  10. The American Revolution Reader

    A collection of leading essays by prominent historians on the American revolutionary era from the eve of the imperial crisis through George Washington’s presidency.  The articles chosen represent classic themes, such as the British-colonial relationship during the eighteenth century, the rise of political parties and much more, as well as capturing how the field has been reshaped in recent years. Ideal for classroom use and any student of the American Revolution. Read more

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