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  1. The Neural Basis of Human Belief Systems

    Is the everyday understanding of belief susceptible to scientific investigation? Belief is one of the most commonly used, yet unexplained terms in neuroscience. Beliefs can be seen as forms of mental representations and one of the building blocks of our conscious thoughts.

    This book provides an interdisciplinary overview of what we currently know about the neural basis of human belief systems, and how different belief systems are implemented in the human brain. The chapters in this volume explain how the neural correlates of beliefs mediate a range of explicit and implicit behaviours ranging from moral decision making, to the practice of religion.

    The Neural Basis of Human Belief Systems will be of great interest to researchers in the fields of psychology, philosophy, psychiatry, and cognitive neuroscience.

  2. How the Child’s Mind Develops, 2nd Edition

    How we learn to think, perceive, remember, talk, reason and learn is a central topic in psychology - and one that sees constant new research. In this very readable book, David Cohen discusses the latest studies and covers all the controversies that have dogged the subject for nearly 150 years.

    This book is for everyone who lives with, works with or studies children. David Cohen examines the fundamental issues of how children learn to read and write, of how their intellectual abilities are measured and the development of their morality.

    This fully updated edition of How the Child's Mind Develops is an integrated and thought-provoking account of the central issues in child development. Parents, professionals and students will find it an invaluable introduction.

  3. New Books, Forthcoming Books and Journals in the ‘Regions and Cities’ Series

    A list of recently published titles in the Regions and Cities books series, along with upcoming titles and some information on journals.

    Did you know? There is a 30% discount available to RSA members on books in the Regions and Cities series, and other subject related Taylor and Francis books and e-books including Routledge titles. To order just e-mail, or phone on 0044 (0) 20 7017 6924 and declare your RSA membership. You can also visit and use the discount code: RSA0901

  4. Handbook of Human Rights

    New International Handbooks for Sociology

    We've recently published several new International Handbooks covering sociological topics.  A must-have for any library, these Handbooks offer original essays by leading international experts, giving a thorough and compelling look at their chosen topics by examining everything from fundamental basics to cutting-edge theory. 

  5. Dorothy Moore

    An insight into ‘WomenPreneurs: 21st Century Success Strategies’

    A great overview of one of our newly published entrepreneurship titles WomenPreneurs: 21st Century Success Strategies

    Click here for more information on the book or to order your copy today!

  6. Gender and Feminism Podcast - Listen to Author Melanie Williams

    Listen to the LSE interview with Routledge author Melanie Williams about her book 'British Women's Cinema'. Melanie is the second interview and appears at 09:30 minutes in:

    View inside 'British Women's Cinema' today at

    You can also visit Melanie’s blog on films by women at

  7. Clinical Gerontologist

    New Research Review on International Dementia Care.

    Read the press release here.

  8. Journal of Aging & Social Policy

    Special Issue – Critical Essays on Health Care Reform: The Affordable Care Act, Long-Term Care, and Elders
    Free Access to the Introduction

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes several provisions that aim to improve prevailing deficiencies in the nation's long-term care system. But just how effective is the ACA likely to be in addressing these challenges? Will it result in meaningful or marginal reform? This special issue of Journal of Aging & Social Policy seeks to answer these questions.

  9. What Made Freud Laugh

    In her characteristically engaging style, Nelson explores a topic that has fascinated and frustrated scholars for centuries. Initially drawn to the meaning of laughter through her decades of work studying crying from an attachment perspective, Nelson argues that laughter is based in the attachment system, which explains much about its confusing and apparently contradictory qualities.  This lively book sheds light on the ways in which we connect, grow, and transform and how, through shared humor, play, and delight, we have fun doing so.

  10. Review of Ferry Tales in Big Pacific

    "Phillip Vannini has taken an entire way of life, with its infinite variations based on geography, boat schedules, weather patterns, economics, isolation, proximities, prejudices, xenophobias, rhythms and elements of the indescribable… and described them with a poetic deftness and perception that frequently takes my breath away, they are so apt and nail-on-the-head depictions."Laurie McConnell

    Read the full article.

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