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  1. Systemic Architecture Book Launch - 17th May 2012, London

    The book launch for Systemic Architecture: Operating Manual for the Self Organizing City by Marco Poletto and Claudia Pasquero takes place tomorrow evening at 6:30pm at the Architectural Association (AA) Bookshop in London (36-37 Bedford Square, Greater London, WC1B 3ES). We hope to see you there!


  2. Social Class and the Helping Professions

    This book provides a comprehensive examination of the intersection of social class and the helping professions, including examinations of the role of social class in American culture, classism, social class and mental health, and the American Dream. 

    It will be a valuable tool for practitioners in a variety of mental health professions, providing a clearer understanding of social class as it relates to themselves and their clients. 

    The first section contains an introduction to the global, historical, and sociological aspects of class and an in-depth look at urban and rural poverty, the middle class, and the upper class and economic privilege.

  3. Publishing Soon: Common Knowledge: The Development of Understanding in the Classroom

    This June, Routledge reissues Common Knowledge: The Development of Understanding in the Classroom under its Routledge Revivals program.

    First published in 1987, Common Knowledge was a radical departure from the traditionally individualistic psychologies which underpinned modern approaches to educational theory and practice. In this article, the title's authors, Derek Edwards and Neil Mercer, discuss their writing of the title and the research they have been involved in since its initial publication.

  4. Earthscan

    May Highlights

    With so many great titles publishing this month it has been impossible to give them all the justice they deserve in our May newsletter so to be sure you don't miss out you can find them all below.  Those of you who received our May update will have a discount code for 20% off when you buy online.  If you are not already registered you can sign up for future newsletters here

  5. Only One Earth

    The goal of sustainable development continues via the Rio+20 conference in 2012. This book will enable a broad readership to understand what has been achieved since then and what hasn’t. It reminds us of the planetary boundaries we must all live within and and what needs to be addressed for democracy, equity and fairness to survive.

  6. The Zeronauts

    In this book, John Elkington introduces The Zeronauts; a new breed of innovator, determined to drive problems like carbon, waste, toxics and poverty to zero. He creates the first Zeronaut Roll of Honour, and spotlights 50 pioneers in the field of Zero. Zeronauts are innovating in an astonishing range of areas, tackling hugely diverse economic, social, environmental and governance challenges. If we learn from these pioneers, the twenty-first century could be our best yet.

  7. Maritime Transport and the Climate Change Challenge

    International maritime transportation is the backbone of the world globalized economy. A significant contributor to global CO2 emissions but likely to be affected by wide-ranging and potentially devastating climate change. From the scientific background to port adaptation for climate change and cross-cutting issues such as financing and investment, technology and energy security,this book is essential reading for professionals in the transportation industry, governments and policymakers, trade bodies, investors, researchers and students.

  8. Ecological Restoration and Environmental Change

    This volume addresses and challenges issues which question the core values of the science and practice of restoration ecology. It analyzes the paradox arising from the desire to produce ecological restorations that fit within an historical ecological context, produce positive environmental benefits and also result in landscapes with social meaning.

  9. May’s Book of the Month: Asian American Literature

    Asian American Literature, May’s ‘Book of the Month’, is a four-volume collection co-published by Routledge and Edition Synapse.

    American writers whose provenance lies in Asia have been producing and publishing work of interest and distinction for well over a century. However, in recent decades there has been an exponential growth in their output, and much Asian American literature has now achieved new levels of both popular success and critical acclaim. The burgeoning number of literary anthologies and academic studies attests to a growing and deepening scholarly attention. Indeed, Asian American literature—and the serious critical work it has spawned—is now central to debates about national cultures, world civilizations, and transnational imaginations.

  10. Visualizing Climate Change

    Carbon dioxide and climate change are largely invisible, and the prevailing imagery of climate change is oftentimes remote (such as ice floes melting) or abstract and scientific (charts and global temperature maps). Using spectacular visual imagery, 3D and 4D visualizations of future landscapes, community mapping, and iconic photographs, this book demonstrates new ways to make carbon and climate change visible where we care the most, in our own backyards and communities.

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