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Articles, News, Promotions and Updates from Routledge and the Taylor & Francis Group.

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  1. Sex and Romance Communication

    Routledge Communication is proud to team up with Routledge Journals, and this month we're highlighting Sex and Romance Communication. We've picked out a few books that just might pique your interests, regardless if you're a fan of a certain February Holiday. 

    To find out what surprises [read: free content] our Journals team has in store, click here. 

    Interested in the Dark Side of Communication? So are we...

  2. Celebrate the Super Bowl with Routledge and Focal Press

    It's that time of the year again: Super Bowl Weekend! Let's celebrate by taking a look at a handful of timely and relevent titles on Sports and Media.  

    In fact, go ahead and take 20% off your purchase for the month of February, or feel free to request complimentary exam copies of relevant course textbooks.

    Discount Code: WRK69

  3. Peter Anderson on the dubious legacies of Spain’s Francoist past

    Peter Anderson, co-editor of  Mass Killings and Violence in Spain, 1936-1952: Grappling with the Past discusses the shadowy past of the Spanish Civil War and the importance of ongoing research to reveal these hidden stories. 

    Click here to read more. 

  4. Routledge Law Handbooks - 2015 Update

    Explore the renowned collection of Routledge Law Handbooks and be the first to see what's coming in 2015, as well as make sure you haven't missed any that are already available. 

  5. Read Excerpts of our Outstanding Academic Titles

    What do habit, Buddhism, bioethics and gothic literature have in common? Each are the subject of one of our Outstanding Academic Titles as picked by Choice magazine! 

    We've had 32 titles chosen as Outstanding Academic Titles, and we've made excerpts from four of these titles free to view - On Habit, Bioethics: the Basics, The Gothic World and Buddhism Goes to the Movies. Each excerpt contains the first chapter to give a flavor of the book, so what are you waiting for? 

    If you want to see more of the Outstanding Academic Titles from Routledge, you can view them all here

  6. New Routledge/Icarus Series - ‘Theatre as a Laboratory’

    Routledge are pleased to announce these English editions of Icarus Publishing Enterprise’s pioneering books, as part of our exciting new ‘Theatre as a Laboratory’ series.

    Find out more here!

  7. Routledge Law Revision

    Routledge Law is proud to provide a wide range of titles to support student learning and revision, whether it be before or during study, or in preparation for exams and assessments.

    Browse the 2015 Routledge Revision eCatalog

  8. Out Today: Cinema as Therapy by John Izod and Joanna Dovalis

    Looking at films including Million Dollar Baby, The Son’s Room, and The Tree of Life, Cinema as Therapy offers an understanding of how deeply emotional life can be stirred at the movies. The authors demonstrate how our experiences in the movie theater create an opportunity to prepare psychologically for the inevitable losses we must all eventually face.

    "In this remarkable and luminous book, Izod and Dovalis reveal something never previously so urgently expressed about cinema and psyche; that the study of one needs the study of the other" - Susan Rowland, Pacifica Graduate Institute, USA

  9. Congratulations Tom Bennett!

    Teacher Proof author, Tom Bennett, has been nominated as one of the only two UK teachers to be in the running for the 'World's Best Teacher' prize.

  10. Critical Theory Today

    Author Interview - Lois Tyson tells us more about Critical Theory Today

    ‘For anyone who wants to understand contemporary cultural theory, Critical Theory Today is the undisputed starting point for that understanding.’ - Todd McGowan, The University of Vermont, USA

    Critical Theory Today is well regarded as one of the best introductions to critical theory available. Following the recent publication of the third edition we asked author Lois Tyson to give us an insight into the book.

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