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  1. Computational Approaches to Reading and Scene Perception

    This special issue of Visual Cognition brings together cutting-edge research from eight research groups around the world whose work is focused on these important topics. The goal of this special issue is to facilitate a constructive convergence of behavioral data and computational modeling to explore the fundamental nature of attention control, and particularly eye movement control, in viewing complex visual input.

  2. Social Influence and Consumer Behavior

    A good deal of consumer research is focused on social influence, since consumers make purchase decisions in the context of a social framework. This collection of innovative essays examines both the conscious and non-conscious effects of social influence on consumer behavior processes and outcomes, covering a wide variety of topics such as compliance, influence tactics, social networks, social relationships, family decision-making, and spokespersons.

  3. Middle East Studies 2013 Catalog Now Online

    We are pleased to anounce that the Routledge Middle East Studies Catalog for 2013 is now available to view online, containing key textbooks, cutting edge research and titles for professionals, from new and established authors.

  4. The Therapist’s Answer Book: Solutions to 101 Tricky Problems in Psychotherapy

    Therapists inevitably feel more gratified in their work when their cases have better treatment outcomes. This book is designed to help them achieve that by providing practical solutions to problems that arise in psychotherapy, such as: Do depressed people need an antidepressant, or psychotherapy alone? How do you handle people who want to be your “friend,” who touch you, who won’t leave your office, or who break boundaries? How do you prevent people from quitting treatment prematurely? Suppose you don’t like the person who consults you? What if people you treat with CBT don’t do their homework? When do you explain defense mechanisms, and when do you use supportive approaches?

  5. Reissuing this November – Esther Moir’s ‘The Discovery of Britain’

    First published in 1964, this book focuses on the tour of Britain. Rather than looking at foreign tourists coming to Britain or British tourists travelling abroad, the primary focus of the book is to examine the British people who explored their native land in the three centuries from 1540 to 1840.

  6. Group Techniques for Aging Adults

    Elders can struggle with issues of social isolation and self-esteem, and benefit from having positive coping skills at their disposal. The practical ideas Kathie Erwin imparts in this second edition help mental health professionals working with elderly populations to create an interactive, multi-modal program that addresses the issues and needs elders have. The group modalities are defined in holistic contexts of mind, body, society, and spirituality. Among the group modalities are reminiscence, bibliotherapy, remotivation, humor, expressive art, and therapeutic writing and sacred spaces, which are new to this edition.

  7. Routledge Revivals reissue the work of E. Cashmore

    The collection of eight titles from E. Cashmore are all previously published works from across the last thirty five years.

    Titles in the collection span a broad range of topics, appealing to those particularly interested in subjects involving race relations, crime, sociology and media.

  8. Congratulations to Donna Orange, winner of the 2012 Gradiva Award!

    Donna Orange wins the 2012 Gradiva Award from the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis for her book The Suffering Stranger (2011). To find out more about the Gradiva Awards, click here.

  9. The Sumerian World

    "This skillfully crafted volume will be required reading for students and researchers of the ancient world..." - David Wengrow, Professor of Comparative Archaeology, UCL

    "...the state of the art in Sumerian studies." - Geoff Emberling, University of Michigan, USA

    Edited by the renowned archaeologist Harriet Crawford and with contributions from a host of globaly respected scholars, The Sumerian World is an authoratative, comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the archaeology, history and art of Southern Mesoptamia.

    Recommend this title to your librarian.

  10. Resilient Grandparent Caregivers

    The study of grandparents raising grandchildren, now almost two decades old, has tended to have a negative bias, emphasizing the difficulties such people face and the negative impact that grandparent caregiving has on them physically, socially, and emotionally. This edited book seeks to reverse this trend by taking a positive approach to understanding grandparent caregivers, focusing on their resilience and resourcefulness. This method reflects a strengths-based approach and the importance of benefit-finding and positive coping.

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