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  1. A Day in the Life of a Happy Worker

    New Series: Current Issues in Work and Organizational Psychology

    Series Editor: Arnold B. Bakker, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Current Issues in Work and Organizational Psychology is a new series of edited books that reflect the state-of-the-art areas of current and emerging interest in the psychological study of employees, workplaces and organizations. 

  2. Online Child Sexual Abuse

    CEOP Warns of links between Downloading and Child Sex Attacks

    The BBC News website reports today that The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Ceop) center wants police to prioritize those caught downloading child abuse images, who have access to children. According to the report, the images being downloaded are becoming more extreme. This report follows on the heels of a report to MPs that highlighted how child sex abuse was taking place all over the UK. For her recent book, Online Child Sexual Abuse: Grooming, Policing and Protection in a Multi-Media World, Elena Martellozzo conducted extensive research with the police and a specialist paedophile unit. The book adds significantly to our understanding of this problem, and examines how it is policed currently, and how it might be policed in the future.

  3. Psychologisation in Times of Globalisation

    The concept of psychologisation has become crucial to current debates in critical psychology. De Vos combines these debates with insights from the fields of critical theory, philosophy and ideology critique, to present the first book-length argument that seriously considers the concept of psychologisation in these times of globalization.

  4. Social Identity in Question: Construction, Subjectivity and Critique

    Social Identity in Question begins by reviewing the ways in which the social identity tradition has previously been critiqued by social psychologists who view human relations as conditioned by historical context, culture and language. The author offers an alternative perspective, based upon psychoanalytic notions of subjectivity.

  5. Alternative Food Networks: Knowledge, Practice and Politics

    By David Goodman, Melanie E. DuPuis, Michael K. Goodman

    Review of Alternative Food Networks by Tim Lang

  6. Climate Change and Social Ecology

    Featured Book: Climate Change and Social Ecology

    Climate Change and Social Ecology takes a new approach to the climate crisis, portraying global warming as a challenge of rapid social evolution. This book argues that, in order to address this impending catastrophe and bring about more sustainable development, we must focus on improving social ecology – our values, mind-sets, and social organization. Steps to do this include institutional reforms to improve democracy, educational strategies to encourage public understanding of complex issues, and measures to prevent corporations and the wealthy from shaping societies in other directions instead.

  7. Social Representations in the “Social Arena”

    Social Representations in the 'Social Arena' presents key theoretical issues and extensive empirical research using different theoretical and methodological approaches to consider the value of social representation theory when social representations are examined in real world contexts.

  8. European Review of Social Psychology: Volume 22

    The European Review of Social Psychology (ERSP) is an e-first journal published under the auspices of the European Association of Social Psychology. ERSP is an international journal which aims to further the international exchange of ideas by providing an outlet for substantial accounts of theoretical and empirical work, whose origins may be, but need not be, European. The emphasis of these contributions is on substantial individual programmes of research and on critical assessment of major areas of research, as well as on topics and initiatives of contemporary interest and originality.

  9. Improving Organizational Interventions For Stress and Well-Being

    This book brings together a number of experts in the field of organizational interventions for stress and well-being, and discusses the importance of process and context issues to the success or failure of such interventions. The book explores how context and process can be incorporated into program evaluation, providing examples of how this can be done, and offers insights that aim to improve working life.

  10. The Psychology of Assessment Centers

    Research on the reliability and validity of assessment centers (ACs) has been ongoing for at least 50 years and continues to this day. The assessment center method is a technique or process that is used to assess individual performance and potential. One of the most heavily researched topics over the last 30 years has been the internal structure of AC ratings that assessors make on rating dimensions after the completion of each exercise. This volume, with contributions from experts from around the world, looks at Dimension-Based Assessment Centers, Task-Based Assessment Centers, and Mixed-Model Assessment Centers. All three perspectives are presented in different sections, and a summary of these diverse perspectives is given at the end of the book.

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