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Articles, News, Promotions and Updates from Routledge and the Taylor & Francis Group.

Recent Articles

  1. Books for ‘Back to School’

    New and key titles from Routledge and David Fulton to cater for teachers during that 'back to school' period.

  2. Foucault, Power and Education

    Collective Works from Stephen J. Ball

    Stephen J. Ball is Karl Mannheim Professor of Sociology of Education, Institute of Education, University of London. His experience has made for a wealth of educational publications that explore disciplines, globalization, knowledge, theory behind school organization, and policy in the Education sector. His books have proven to be a valuable resource for teachers, scholars, researchers and students in the field. Take a look!

  3. Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn

    The Bestselling John Hattie

    John Hattie is Professor and Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and Deputy Director of the Science of Learning Research Centre. This article looks at his publishing success story with Routledge and the upcoming Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn. Read more

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  4. Using Festivals to Inspire and Engage Young Children

    Using Festivals to Inspire and Engage Young Children

    Aimed at those working with children aged 3 – 7, Using Festivals to Inspire and Engage Young Children covers a range of cultural celebration by each calendar month, explaining the background to these events and provides fun and imaginative activities and stories based around each one. Read more

  5. Mentoring Mathematics Teachers

    Mentoring Mathematics Teachers

    Designed to support both teachers and university-based tutors in mentoring pre-service and newly qualified mathematics teachers at both primary and secondary levels, Mentoring Mathematics Teachers offers straightforward practical advice that is based on practice, underpinned by research, and geared specifically towards this challenging subject area. Read more

  6. Aspirations, Access and Attainment

    Aspirations, Access and Attainment

    This book brings together current regional perspectives on widening participation as presented by prominent academics, researchers, policy-makers, and students from across the globe. It will create for policy-makers, institutions, and individuals interested in enabling access, a useful and informative resource that will introduce, formulate, shape and reinforce the ideas and aims of the World Congresses on widening access. Read more

  7. Phil Banyard wins BPS award

    Congratulations to Phil Banyard who has won the British Psychological Society's Psychology Education Board’s Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology Education for this year.

  8. An Interview with Natalya Lusty and Helen Groth, authors of ‘Dreams and Modernity’

    In this insightful interview, Natalya Lusty and Helen Groth, authors of Dreams and Modernity: A Cultural History discuss their vision for the book and their aim to 'resituate the dream as a distinctively modern object of inquiry'. 

  9. Disaster Management

    There is a perennial gap between theory and practice, between academia and active professionals in the field. In disaster management this gap means that valuable lessons are not learned and people die or suffer as a result. This book opens a dialog between theory and practice.

  10. Andrea Tyler Joint Winner of the BAAL Book Prize 2013

    Congratulations to Andrea Tyler who is the joint winner of BAAL Book Prize 2013 with Cognitive Linguistics and Second Language Learning.

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