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Organizational Climate and Culture: An Introduction to Theory, Research, and Practice

"Ehrhart, Schneider, and Macey have created a rich, thoughtful, and comprehensive resource for scholars and practitioners. They lead us through a wide range of complex issues with style and substance. You'll know a lot more about culture and climate after you read it. I know I did!"
-- Daniel Denison, Ph.D., IMD Business School, Switzerland

The fields of organizational climate and organizational culture have co-existed for several decades with very little integration between the two. In Organizational Climate and Culture: An Introduction to Theory, Research, and Practice, Mark G. Ehrhart, Benjamin Schneider, and William H. Macey break down the barriers between these fields to encourage a broader understanding of how an organization’s environment affects its functioning and performance. Building on in-depth reviews of the development of both the organizational climate and organizational culture literatures, the authors identify the key issues that researchers in each field could learn from the other and provide recommendations for the integration of the two. They also identify how practitioners can utilize the key concepts in the two literatures when conducting organizational cultural inquiries and leading change efforts. The end product is an in-depth discussion of organizational climate and culture unlike anything that has come before that provides unique insights for a broad audience of academics, practitioners, and students.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. History of Organizational Climate Theory and Research
3. Organizational Climate Research. The Current State of the Field
4. Foundations of Organizational Culture
5. The Emergence, Effectiveness, and Change of Organizational Cultures
6. Integrating Organizational Climate & Organizational Culture
7. Thoughts for Practitioners on Organizational Cultural Inquiry
8. Summary and Conclusion

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