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Publishing in 2012: Epistemology

This new four-volume set of writings in epistemology is intended to display the extraordinary progress that has been made in the past few years in answering some of the most fundamental questions of epistemology.

A Word from the Editor Ram Neta

What is knowledge? what is epistemic justification? what is evidence, and how does it rationally constrain confidence? How can we understand and respond to skeptical challenges? The writings in each volume have been selected not only to represent a diversity of views on the topic, but also to show how progress is made possible by the exchange of ideas within this diversity. Most of the writings collected here have been published in the last few years, and represent some of the best work being done by promising young epistemologists today. If these writings are any indication, the next few decades will witness even more progress in epistemology.

Part of the acclaimed Critical Concepts in Philosophy series, Epistemology will be publish in 2012. Order your copy today!

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